Milwaukee 6238-20 Portable Band Saw Review

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I have tried many band saws so far. Still, my personal experience using the Milwaukee 6238-20 portable band saw was different. It’s sold as an industry project, it has enough power for anything you’d ever need to use it for, and is exceptionally durable and low maintenance.

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The powerful 11 Amp motor within this band saw is great! It provides a great amount of power for easily cutting larger pieces of wood with ease. It also has a high cutting speed to allow for quick, durable, and accurate work. I cannot fault the motor within this saw. There are simply no problems or issues.

Direct Drive

The all-metal direct drive provides the absolute maximum life you could expect from this tool. It is robust, reliable, and durable – providing power whenever you need it, all day long if need be. I guarantee you will have no problems with the drive mechanism of this tool, it is simply of premium quality, as you would expect from Milwaukee.

Gear Protecting Clutch

Within many other portable band saws, the clutches burn out fairly quickly. This is a huge issue and is a large annoyance for many people. Luckily, you won’t be one of these people if you purchase the Milwaukee portable band saw!

Adjustable Shoe

Milwaukee has done something really special and unique here. They have provided a tool-free locking adjustable shoe! Now, this is an excellent feature, with this being a portable tool, this means no more looking around for the right size allan key, and then realizing you left it back at the office!

Large Cutting Capacity

This tool has the industry’s largest cutting capacity! With a huge capacity of 5 x 5 inches. While I was using this tool, I never found myself needing to use this tool to cut anything larger! While 5 x 5 inches may seem small, it isn’t when you remember that this is a portable band saw, the large capacity paired with the huge 11 Amp motor makes for an excellent cutting experience.

Motor Housing

Milwaukee has also slimmed the motor housing down by a lot compared to the previous model, this increases the user’s line of sight, allowing for a much better, more accurate, and precise cutting experience. This is especially important in industry, as the user’s line of sight is the main obstacle between a perfect cut and a low-quality cut that will need shaving down.

Debris Protection

Debris protection delivers a much larger pulley life out of this tool. This is especially important, as without these small shavings of metal can quickly build up within the tool, and this can easily block the drive system, rendering the tool unusable and requiring maintenance. This tool is designed to be stress-free and works whenever you need it, and Milwaukee has achieved this.

Milwaukee 6238-20 Specifications and Features

  • Huge 5 x 5 inch Cutting Capacity
  • High-Power 11 Amp Motor
  • All-Metal Drive System
  • Slim Motor Housing

Milwaukee 6238-20 Customer Reviews

The overall build quality of this tool is sublime, as an accustomed workman would expect from Milwaukee. I found no problems with the tool. Everything has simply been thought through by the manufacturer. The All Metal Drive system is amazing, adding an increased layer of durability to the tool.

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I highly recommend this portable band saw to anyone. The huge versatility of this band saw offers makes it perfect for any job, whether it be large or small and requiring precise cuts. The 11 Amp Motor can simply handle anything you throw at it. While the price tag may be large, the tool’s features are also large. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with this tool.