ORBLUE Chef’s Knife Review

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Chef’s knives are perhaps the most versatile types of knives. This is because they are used for almost all splitting chores, right from slicing soft fruits to cutting tough melons. However, the best one is that which performs consistently well even on hard stuff without giving you any financial burden. One such option is the ORBLUE chef’s knife.

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The functionality on the knife is even appealing to both professional and non-professional cooks who wish to do home cooking better than what is expected at the most affordable price. This budget friendly knife is capable of cutting even harder stuff such as apples and ginger without in hassle in gliding it or attracting food particles toward the edge.

ORBLUE Chef’s Knife

Weight and Design

The weight is perfect, with not too much bulky or too light feeling when in hand. In fact, it feels light and there is no risk of straining the shoulders or wrist. This is appealing especially for those who have some kind of hand disorder or weak wrists.

The weight of the blade is only 6.34 oz, while its width is merely 1.73 inches. Talking about the handle, it is only 5.11-inch long. Due to lightweight construction, this knife enables cutting even the most difficult stuff easily as well as comfortably.

In terms of looks, it is really stylish and sleek looking. The contrasting but polished frosted steel makes up for this very sleek look. Similarly, the design is also flawless and renders the knife quite strong and durable.

It is commendable to see how the blade and handle look a single seamless piece reflecting a streamlined draft with no noticeable joins. This one design look makes cleaning also easier. The elegant design also boasts a perfect handle-to-blade weight ratio, which further adds to effortless use.

The Blade

The blade is sharp and is made up of stainless steel. The edge is actually ultra sharp to deal with a variety of eatables. It is crafted with precision such that there is no risk of quick wear out. The sharp edge is also responsible for cooking in half the time of the actual time you used to take before using this knife.

The steel in use is resistant rust, retains its edge much longer, and is easy to take care of. It is also highly durable to make the blade and handle lasts for long! It is also easy to sharpen this blade.

The Handle

The chef’s knife comes with an ergonomic handle that does not slip, which finally alleviates the risk of facing the pain of any injuries. It also minimizes hand fatigue. The handle is long enough to make you feel comfortable when holding it in the hand. The grip is consistent enough to ensure your optimal safety.


  • 14.8 x 3.2 x 1.1 inches
  • 6.4 ounces
  • Imported from the USA
  • Ultra sharp blade having a width of 1.73 inches and length of 7.88 inches
  • 5.11 inches long ergonomic handle
  • Rust proof
  • Hand wash
  • 30-day return policy

Customer Reviews

With almost 475 reviews on Amazon, this knife has managed to obtain 4.5 stars. This is really commendable, as it says a lot about how reliable this knife is!

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The ORBLUE chef’s knife is perfect for a variety of purposes in the kitchen, such as crushing, slicing, julienning vegetables and fruits, cutting, and chopping. It is a truly sharp knife, which calls for extra care while handling it. But that is what makes it reliable for cutting hard stuff. In short, the sharpness, the light weight, and stylish design all add to up to your pleasant cooking experience.