PORTER CABLE 362V Belt Sander Review

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Although many power tools look the same, there are differences between them. Some of them are made for professional use so that they can be used every day, the whole day. On the other side, some power tools are designed for occasional use. These tools are great to have in your garage due to the fact they are useful when you need them.

PORTER-CABLE 362V isn’t a power tool that should lay down in a garage. This tool is designed for professional use. It can operate every single day, the whole day. It is easy to understand why, if you look at the features and specifications of the product. In any case, this belt sander is perfect for professional woodworkers, who can use its potential. Besides, this power tool is treated as one of the best in its price range.

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Perfect balance

The electric motor is placed in the middle of the belt sander. This is done, so the tool is well-balanced. When you are sanding some hard surfaces, and use it the whole day, this feature is more than needed. It also makes using this power tool more pleasant and easier. Besides, the electric motor has small components that reduce vibrations, so using this power tool every day, won’t be an issue.

Powerful electric motor

The essential component of this belt sander is its electric motor. It is 12AMP unit, 20% more powerful than other units that can be found in belt sanders made by the same manufacturer. This means that it can be used even for the hardest types of wood, and it will work without a problem. Even better, the time needed to sand some piece of wood is much shorter when compared to other belt sanders. Besides, the electric motor is very quiet, so working with this power tool isn’t annoying.

Adjustable speed of the belt

Simpler belt sanders have belts that always have the same speed. Although this makes them more affordable, it lacks precision. Some types of wood cannot be sanded with those belt sanders. Luckily, this power tool has a fully adjustable belt. The speed can vary from 1.000 up to 1.500 surface feet per minute. When working on the fastest level, sanding even the hardest types of wood is quick. On the other side, slower gears are used for delicate finishes and softwoods. Adjusting the speed is very easy as well.

The ergonomic design

The design of this belt sander is modern and ergonomic. All of these mean that working with this power tool the whole day won’t result in pain in your hands. It also makes sanding vertical areas easier. Professional woodworkers more than welcome this feature.

PORTER CABLE 362V Features and Specifications

  • The dimensions are 17 x 11 x 8 inches.
  • The weight is 17.4 pounds.
  • The country of origin is Mexico.
  • 12 AMP electric motor.
  • Dust bag.
  • Adjustable speed of the belt.
  • Centrally positioned electric motor.

PORTER CABLE 362V Belt Sander Customer Reviews

This tool is excellent for sanding, and you can do sanding stuff without a lot of adjusting belt tracks. It’s heavy but gets very hot after using it throughout the day with moderate frequency. The variable speed is a plus, and changing the belts is easy to do.

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If you are looking for a belt sander that you are going to use once a year, this isn’t the right item for you. This belt sander is designed for heavy-duty operations. It can be used every day for a long time, and it will still work without a problem. All features it has, guarantee you that it can be used for professional applications. On the other side, the price of this powerful tool is one of the lowest in this class, so it is an excellent investment as well. Despite the price, the build quality is at the highest level.