Porter Cable 557 Biscuit Joiner Review

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Biscuit joiners, which may also be called as the plate joiners, are such devices that are preferred by many woodcraft specialists. Porter Cable 557 Plate Joiner, which belongs to the brand Porter Cable, has now achieved an outstanding reputation from most of the woodworkers in the modern days. This biscuit joiner is really of the highest standard. As one of the woodworkers, I also want to admire this definite biscuit joiner. Of course, I was extremely interested in making use of this device for my shop. And now, I want to share my experience with all others.

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Porter Cable 557 Basic features

The device has the best push structure. The fence design includes one saw blade, and the motor is loaded with a spring. All the parts of the device, such as gearbox, fence, bones, and base plate, are made of metal.

For this reason, the device is highly accurate and sturdy. The risk of the alignment faults and movement is not present because of the strong metal arrangement of the device. Moreover, the front portion of this device remains rightly placed with its blade regardless of the level of usage of the tool.

Two elements have to be placed rightly for creating a cut- selector and fence. This fence places biscuits with reference to the frame of your workpiece. You can find two ways in which this fence may be regulated. First of all, its fence inclines in two directions to help in the installation of the biscuits within the sloping stock. There is also a scale, integrated to the fence arm to set up the angle. Besides, pre-determined stops are also present for zero degrees and ninety degrees. A fitted screw fastens the adjustment of the angle. Moreover, the upright position of the fence finds out the site of the biscuit gap.

Making different cuts

PORTER-CABLE Plate Joiner Kit, 7-Amp (557)

Creating cuts using the Porter Cable biscuit joiner is very fast and easy. The manual grip that is in the forward direction makes the application very simple to hold up the tool properly against your workpiece. Your tool’s front part, as well as its fence, should have a strong touch with your workpiece.

Trigger lock- Another feature

The manufacturer has also incorporated one trigger lock into its product. Such feature is very versatile while several slots need to be slashed simultaneously that is a very common incident frequent while handling biscuit. You can speed up the process of cutting with this lock.

Porter Cable 557 Plate Joiner Specifications and Features

  • Very powerful motor (7-amp)
  • Blade rotation- 10,000 RPM
  • Blade size- Four inches
  • Includes dust bag and centering plate

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In the final words, it can be said that Porter Cable 557 is quite handled. The result, produced by the machine, is truly reliable. Moreover, the model is well built and can last for several years.