Powermatic 1791317K Jointer Review

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In the past, a carpenter used to carry out his work only with saw and pencil. But, now these few things are not enough for any professional carpenter. I have also realized this fact, and for this reason, I have added another tool in my toolbox. It is Powermatic 1791317K 54HH Jointer, which has made most of my carpentry works easier.

The width of the device is about 21″, while the depth is nearly 13″. Its steel base increases in flexibility and places the surface of the table at about 32 inches above the ground. The motor of this device may run with 115/230V, and it is placed in a cabinet at the base. This motor of the device may be transformed for the power of about 230V.

The base cabinet of the system also has a dirt collection channel, which moves the trash from the point of cutterhead to the port. The dust collecting system performs its work well.

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Cutterhead included

Powermatic 1791317K 54HH 6-Inch Jointer with helical cutterhead

The helical cutterhead is integrated with separate carbide cutters. Besides, the blend of different also makes the machine very efficient. This carbide unit is placed in spiral-like rows. Every carbide insert includes the floor on top. This is placed on top of the cutterhead tube for meeting the piece of wood at the position of about fourteen degrees. It leads to a real cut, which avoids the effect, which may bring disruption of wood fibers. The Jointer can cut very silently, and you may not hear any sound of the motor. Besides, the shearing effect indicates the production of very flat surfaces by cutterhead.

Three-knife cutterhead

POWERMATIC gives three-knife cutterhead to the machine. This cutterhead makes use of the cams to set the height of the knife. The system may also be very accessible, and when it is set, it removes the need for readjusting the height of the knife at the time of reversing or changing them.  Every knife has a height of about 3/4″, while its thickness is nearly 5/64″. It is manufactured from the best steel. Besides the cutterhead portion, the remaining part of the device remains parallel to 54HH.


Most of the woodworkers need to be competent to shift the device all around the workplace. At this point, POWERMATIC is helpful as it has a mobile bottom. The bottom or base is also very durable. Moreover, it is created purposely for 54HH Jointer. Besides, the mechanism of the locking, as well as the wheels, brings easiness in the shifting of your POWERMATIC Jointer.

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Powermatic 1791317K Specifications and Features

  • Two push blocks
  • Port for collecting dust
  • Push-Button knob
  • Cutterhead protector
  • Helical Cutterhead

Powermatic 1791317K Customer Reviews

Most customers have faced no problem even after months of usage. Powermatic includes a blend of the extensive bed along with the cutterhead. Its dust collection tube, along with the port, is competent. Most customers recommend this portable plate jointer for all woodcraft professionals.

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Powermatic 1791317K is one of the best Jointer that can help all the carpenters. The price, features, and all other parts of the Jointer are admirable.