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I literally tried all sharpeners that are available on the market right now, and most of them have severe drawbacks. Some of them are complicated to use, some cannot make a knife sharp and most of them are very expensive, so they are not a wise investment. In addition, despite a high price, they are not very durable. The situation is completely different with the Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener. I am still using this unit and I am more than satisfied, simply thanks to great features.

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Features of Presto 08800

No guess sharpening

When it comes to sharpening, precision is mandatory, so most manufacturers pay a lot of attention in making their units perfectly precise. This fact is clear with the Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener. It has precise sharpening feature, which allows you to sharpen your knives perfectly, without compromise the metal or the blade. Even better, this model comes with two stage sharpening, so any knife will be 100% sharp, as when it was brand new. The first stage is for rough sharpening that removes any damages and sharpen a knife, and the second stage is for polishing and delicate sharpening which maximizes the effect. The same technique is used by the knife manufacturers.

High quality

Despite the fact this sharpener was designed for home use, it offers the highest level of quality, so it can be used in professional applications. It can be used in most restaurants and busy kitchens, and it will last for more than 10 years. At the same time, this means that in an average kitchen it will have for a lifetime. The sharpening wheels are made from Sapphiriteand they are more than just durable. Even better, this material is one of the hardest on the planet, so this device can be used for a longer period of time than most other sharpeners. The electric motor is also based on the latest technology and it has been designed for heavy duty applications. All of this means that you get a sharpener with the highest level of quality, so it will last forever.

Satisfies all standards

The Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener has been developed for the Northern America, so it satisfies all electrical standards that are used there. However, this also means that it will satisfy other standards in all parts of the world. As the end result, you get a sharpener that can be used in any kitchen on the planet and it will satisfy all electrical standards in your country.

Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener Review


  • Two stages for sharpening
  • Satisfies electrical standards in the Northern America
  • Precise
  • Durable sharpening wheels
  • The dimensions are 9.9 x 7.2 x 4.8 inches
  • The weight is 2.8 pounds
  • 1 year warranty
  • High precision
  • Can be used in professional kitchens

Customer Reviews and Scores

The Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener is more than just appreciated due to the fact it offers two stage sharpening and it can last for a long time, thanks to a high quality. It has 4.4 out of 5 star rating.

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The Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener is different than most other sharpeners due to the fact it has a better quality and it can last more than 10 years. All components are made from high quality materials, so this unit is great for heavy duty applications. On the other side, it is simple to use and it is more than just affordable. Keep in mind that it can be used for all types of knives, so even the latest models can be sharpened with this unit.