Rada Cutlery S38 The Starter Knife Gift Set Review

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At some point in time, we men will definitely have to show a little bit of love and think of the perfect gift for our wives. I have this matter covered because long before my wife’s birthday, I was able to buy the Rada Cutlery Starter Knife Gift Set from an online shop that is quite famous today. I think this is a perfect gift because my wife loves to cook and spends a lot of time in our kitchen. I just gave it last week to her and I am just happy that she appreciated my thought and my gift.

My wife now uses the knife set that I have given to her. There are times when she would tell me that she could not have cooked our meals if not for that knife set that she received from me. That makes me happy. I guess going with the thought of giving something that she can use everyday worked very well for me. You should probably do the same if your wife also loves cooking. She will definitely appreciate and love it. Take my experience as an example. It definitely made my wife smile and I think it also helped her a lot with her favorite hobby – cooking meals.

This is a knife gift set from Rada Cutlery, consisting of a regular paring knife, vegetable peeler, tomato slicer, super parer, bread knife, cook’s knife and slicer. All items are made from high grade steel and aluminium materials. Here are some of the features you should know.

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Features of Rada Cutlery S38 knife set

Blades made from stainless steel

All of the mentioned knives have blades that are made from high grade stainless steel. That means that all the knives are impervious to rust and have strength and durability that is beyond question.

Aluminium handles for every knife

All of the included knives in this set have aluminium handles. They are designed in such a way that your hand will have a good grip of them. You might worry that because it is metal, the handle will be slippery. But that is totally wrong. This problem is now addressed with the overall design of the handles. Even if you are holding it with wet hands, the knife will not slip from your hands.

Backed by a lifetime guarantee

This is something that you should keep in mind. As a proof of the confidence of the manufacturer to its products, this gift set is backed by lifetime guarantee which should be enough to prove you that this gift set will definitely stand the test of time.

Rada Cutlery S38 The Starter Knife Gift Set


  • Product dimensions: 1 x 9.2 x 12.1 inches
  • Item weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Blade material: stainless steel
  • Handle material: anodized aluminium
  • Bread knife measures 6 inches
  • Comes with regular paring knife, vegetable peeler, tomato slicer, super parer, bread knife, cook’s knife and slicer

Customer Reviews and Scores

In 739 customer reviews, the Rada Cutlery Starter Knife Gift Set garnered an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Many buyers expressed their delight and happiness in owning and using the knives that are included in this set. There were buyers that sent such item as a gift and they were pleased with the reaction of those whom have received it. The knives, according to buyers, were exceptionally sharp and light in terms of weight despite their sizes.

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Not only is this product perfect as a gift item. It is also perfect for personal use. If you can, you should get one now for yourself and your family. It is a wonderful addition to your collection of kitchen knives. It is worth the money you’ll spend for it. I personally recommend buying this.