Shop Fox D4595 Handheld Drum Sander Review

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My personal experience while using the Shop Fox D4595 Drum Sander was good, it’s effortless to attach to the end of your drill, and providing your drill is powerful enough – does an excellent job of sanding. To get optimum results while using this sander, you do need a steady hand. I found this out the hard way. If you don’t hold it perfectly steady, you’ll end up with an uneven finish, and perhaps even dips in the wood. I originally bought this for sanding down a few old wooden chairs from my dining room, as the curved backs would not be suitable for the benchtop drum sander in the workshop, and I can safely assure you – the Shop Fox D4595 is excellent.

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Anti-Slip SleeveShop Fox D4595 Hand-Held Pneumatic Drum Sander, 7-1/2" x 2-1/4

The sanding sleeve included with the Shop Fox D4595 features anti-slip technology, allowing for the most precise of tasks to be safely completed with this sander. Providing you have pumped up the bladder to roughly 8psi, the sleeve will not slip – and if it does, the fix is simple – inflate the bladder more.


The Shop Fox D4595 resembles a cylindrical shape, similar to that of a rolling pin, due to this design it is excellent for contouring work, along with sanding hard to reach areas. The handle is ergonomically designed, allowing for anyone to use this tool, regardless of size effortlessly.


With the ability to connect an electric drill, cordless drill or even an air-powered drill, the Shop Fox D4595 can be used for almost anything, attached to nearly any type of drill. The large oversized handle on the other side is perfectly engineered for all sizes of hands, making this tool an absolute pleasure to use for anyone involved. Due to this versatility, it can be used for anything and is perfect for sanding down wooden chairs.

Air Valve

The Shop Fox D4595 features an air valve, allowing you to easily inflate the integrated bladder using a bicycle pump, or air compressor. This is a great feature, allowing you to get the optimum pressure (8 psi) within the bladder, this allows you to get an excellent finish on all products you sand with the Shop Fox D4595.

Sanding Paper

The Shop Fox D4595 will work with any sanding sleeve, providing it is the correct dimensions. However, the included sanding sleeve is top-of-line quality. Even after extended use, it will not need replacing for a long time. The sanding sleeves are durable, yet leave behind an excellent, smooth finish.

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Shop Fox D4595 Features and SpecificationsShop Fox D4595 Hand-Held Pneumatic Drum Sander, 7-1/2" x 2-1/4

  • Air Valve for versatility within the home
  • Variety of Sizes
  • Anti-Slip Technology
  • Product weight – 2 lbs.
  • Product Size – 15 x 3 x 3 inches

Shop Fox D4595 Drum Sander Customer Reviews

The build quality of the Shop Fox D4595 is excellent, and the thick rubber bladder is durable enough to last for an extremely long time, which is good as it is not replaceable. The sanding paper is durable and provides a great finish. The handle on the other side of the tool is also extremely stable, with no “wobble” between the sander and the handle, meaning even the most precise of jobs can be undertaken with the use of this sander.

Customers were happy because it worked like a charm. It contours to inside curves when appropriately filled. Although some observed the cover on end cap is too small and falls off easily.


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Unfortunately, your user experience all depends on the drill you use to power the tool. The Drum sander itself is perfect, versatile enough for almost any application.

I highly recommend this tool to anyone who needs to sand curved or contoured areas, as a standard benchtop drum sander would not be suitable. The sander also effortlessly, yet securely, connects to your drill, providing a safe sanding experience.