SKIL 5680 Circular Saw Review

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Many novice DIY workers think that they are comfortable with jigsaw or electric drill. But, they do not have much reliance on the handy circular saw. As one of the users of a circular saw, I want to reveal my experience of how I have received high functionality and comfort with this tool. I have selected SKIL 5680, and here is a short review of this circular saw.

Skil once manufactured the traditional type of circular saw. But, now, the best quality sophisticated circular saws are accessible from this Skil. Their saws have been modernized to fulfill the requirements of all kinds of crafters, DIY enthusiasts, homeowners, and construction specialists. The saw of Skil may be available on almost all the job sites. That is why Skil keeps on enhancing the performance and design of their circular saw.

The ball bearings and laser cutlineSKIL 5180-01 14-Amp, 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

The new circular saw, Skil 5680, is designed with a ball bearing system that offers a high level of high performance. The new structure gives many consistent outcomes and higher longevity of the tool. In contrast to the former models of Skil, this latest ball bearing feature gives a life-span that is quite long. The laser cutline direction of the system assures more precise cuts. Although the laser system isn’t somewhat accurate, the major thing considerably enhances the ability of the users to stay on every cutline. The manufacturer has also made the tool with a lower guard to develop the excellence of thin cut-offs. Moreover, because of the extensive footplate, all the cuts are stable and firm.

Bevel adjustment feature

The Skil 5280-02 also provides a bevel adjustment of fifty-one degrees, while the stop is generally forty-five-degree. It will help you to save a lot of time, while you do any job. It can keep the output more precise. The model 5680 of Skil also has a back view depth modification for superior visibility.

In addition to it, the saw possesses the best cutting facility, also. The maximum depth of the cut is about 1-15/16 in inches. The integrated wrench storage of this saw helps in the rapid and trouble-free blade alterations. The power-on pointer, integrated with the device, also confirms you while the saw remains plugged. Here, the light has the task of reminding remind the users that the saw is active and is obtaining the power. While you plug the saw to the wall, the light remains activated.

Safety features

The design of any circular saw can never be successful if there are no high-tech safety features. The manufacturers also try to make the operation of the saw more secure without severely troubling the users. The features for security on the model 5680 guard, not just the user, but also the piece that is to be cut. There is a safety button, which is the major aspect of the design of this saw. The button can stop the accidental triggering of this tool, and this accidental beginning may destroy the wood. Thus, to offer a safe operation, the circular saw has also been created with a protected lock as well as a secured trigger to avert the abrupt activation. It is a fact that many of the professional contractors do not prefer the presence of the safety controls for each of the jobs of cutting they do. However, these features are always essential for any DIY contractor.

SKIL 5680 Features and Specifications

  • Laser Cutline Guide
  • Indicator of power
  • Safety Locking technology
  • Large foot plate
  • Voltage – 120 volts
  • Product weight – 13.9 lbs.
  • Product Size – 15 x 9.5 x 12 inches

SKIL 5680 Circular Saw Customer Reviews

This one is powerful and well constructed as well. Customers liked it for its affordable pricing and laser beam for guiding


Overall, the Skill saw can be your best investment, which can manage your residential projects like a pro. This affordable saw is also very user-friendly. And Skil 5680 will satisfy you from every aspect.