Spyderco C66PBK3 Centofante III Knife Review

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If you are a father who wants to send your son to a military training camp because you think that your son is capable of joining the service, you’re just like me. Although the decision might not be agreed upon at first, sooner or later the people going against your choice will understand why you have made that call. Speaking of which, for you to make your son feel better, how about giving him a send off gift? I did that and it helped. Moreover, I gave my son a Spyderco C66PBK3 Centofante III Knife which can be very useful in the camp where he will spend the next few years of his life.

Of all the things I could have given, I chose an outdoor knife. For some, the choice might be odd and does not make any sense at all. But what they don’t know is that I gave more than just a simple knife. In fact, I have given something that can act as a lifesaver in multiple occasions.

Here are some of the reasons why you should also consider giving such thing to your son as a present even if he is not going to the military training camp.

The Spyderco C66PBK3 Centofante III Knife may be small in terms of size, but in terms of strength, sharpness, durability and ability to get the job done is beyond its size. It’s what made me fall in love with it in the first place.

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Features of Spyderco C66PBK3

Small but durable knife

Do not be fooled by the size of this knife. The blade may just measure a little over 3 inches, but it is very much durable. It can cut through or slice hard objects which make it perfect for outside use. In training camps, such a small knife can be everything that you need, especially if you are undergoing training simulations. In real life situations, such knife is very much useful when you are outside trying to deal with life and death situations.

Incredible sharpness at its best

Again, the blade may be small, but its sharpness is something to be proud of if you are an owner of the Spyderco C66PBK3 Centofante III Knife. What’s better about this is that the cutting edge of the unit itself is up to 3 inches which means it can also be used for heavy duty cutting. It’s perfect for cutting ropes and the like.

Designed for heavy duty use

Outdoor knives are proven to be used often for extreme conditions as compared with kitchen knives that are used for cooking. The design of this particular knife makes it a perfect for various outdoor activities.

Spyderco C66PBK3 Centofante III Knife Review


  • Product size – 6.5 x 2.5 x 1 inches
  • Weight – 3.2 ounces.
  • Overall length when opened is at 7.56 inches
  • Overall length when closed is at 4.5 inches
  • Has 3.125 inches blade
  • Has 3 inches cutting edge
  • Made from materials of high quality
  • Nylon handle reinforced by fiber glass
  • Has a back lock for safety
  • Portable and can fit in a pocket
  • 0.5-inch blade hole

Customer Reviews and Scores

With a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, this particular brand of knife left quite a good impression for those who have tried using it. According to some who have bought this, what it lacks in size is compensated by its sharpness, sturdy blade and durability. Many are impressed and some are even planning to buy a second unit, some for personal use while some as gifts for some friends.

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This is one product that is worth your money. You will never have regrets in spending some of your money just to buy this kind of knife. It is something worthy to be recommended and it is something that can have a lot of applications in your daily life.