Spyderco Tasman Salt Rust Free Plain Edge Review

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There are some areas in America where houses are situated near forested areas. In these places, people need to go out to gather some useful things such as firewood. When they do, they need to bring with them tools to complete the job. Usually for this instance, they need to bring an axe, a saw or a big knife. It’s the way I do things and so far it worked perfectly. But there were times when I needed something small to do smaller things like cut a part of a vine and many more. At first, I become frustrated because I was forced to return to my house and return to the forest area again. Then I decided to buy something small which can be of great help for this matter. That’s when I encountered the Spyderco Tasman Salt Rust Free Plain Edge. It’s a foldable knife perfect for outdoor activities.

It fits perfectly in my pocket so I can bring it anytime and anywhere. There were plenty of times when I became thankful because I was able to bring it with me. It saved me a lot of time and I highly recommend the same product for all people out there who loves to go out to do some activities.

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Features of Spyderco Tasman

It has blades made of premium grade steel

All knives in the market, except ceramic ones, claim to have blades made of high grade steel. But why settle for high when you can have premium? The blade of the Spyderco Tasman Salt Rust knife is forged from that very material. Therefore, even with its small size, you can be sure to have a dependable bladed tool you can use for heavy applications.

Foldable and easy to carry

One of the distinguishing features of this unit is that it is fordable and it can be carried anytime and anywhere. Normally people would just ignore bringing an extra knife or extra knives because of the trouble it takes just to carry them. But with the folding knife such as this, you can definitely bring as many knives as you want.

Handy and safe to use

Because of its small size even if it is not folded, this product is really handy. In addition to that, it has been proven to be safe to use. Knives are things that need to be handled with extreme care. But even if you exercise caution and restraint, some knives have flaws in their designs which make them vulnerable to accidents. That’s one thing you can avoid with this particular brand.

Spyderco Tasman Salt Rust Free Plain Edge Review


  • Forged from the highest quality materials
  • Boasts a blade ground from H-1 steel
  • Features Hollow-ground Hawkbill blade with a plain cutting edge
  • High-strength back lock mechanism
  • Weight – 1 Pound

Customer Reviews and Scores

With a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from customers, this product has slowly established itself as one of the leading brands in folding outdoor knives. Positive comments were made by users which primarily appreciated its ability to be folded and the sharpness of its blade. It’s no wonder some of these buyers are planning to buy additional units. They have proven that it can deliver what it promises.

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This is something worth buying. Spending your money for a small that can do a lot of things and made from high quality materials is a smart thing to do and with this particular brand, you’ll definitely appear to be a smart fellow. May it be a personal collection or as a gift item, you will not be sorry in purchasing such an item.