TOPS Brothers Of Bushcraft Knife Review

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After spending a few months, looking for a high-quality and perfect knife that can be used in any situation, I found the TOPS Brothers OfBushcraft Knife. It is better than other knives simply due to the fact it is made from a different type of material and it is designed to withstand the most demanding applications. Since the first day, I tried this knife, I am more than just satisfied and I believe that it is one of the best knives of this type on the market right now.

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Features of TOPS Brothers Of Bushcraft

High Carbon RC 56-58

As aforementioned, the main material, the manufacturer used in the production process is extremely durable. This material is the High Carbon, also known as one of the hardest metals, known to man. As the result, the TOPS Brothers OfBushcraft Knife can withstand almost anything. It is so durable that most people tried to break it, and they have failed! It will stay sharp, no matter what you do with it and sharpening is simpler than with other knives. All of this means that the TOPS Brothers OfBushcraft Knife is definitely a choice if you are planning to use it for heavy-duty applications and you plan to use it for a long time. Simply said, this is the blade you are looking for!

Black Kydex Sheath

Besides a great blade, the TOPS Brothers OfBushcraft Knife comes with a heavy-duty sheath. It is made for the same purposes as the actual knife, which means that it can withstand almost anything and it is extremely durable as well. In addition, it offers a perfect protection, so the risk of injuries is reduced. The manufacturer also claims that the sheath is developed to prevent losing the knife in rough situations and while climbing. It is definitely a great addition knowing that the sheath will save the knife and you won’t lose it.Even better, it is made from leather, so it is highly resistant to the water, moisture and lighter damages.

Tested in Canada wilderness

A unique fact, when it comes to the TOPS Brothers OfBushcraft Knife is that it actually was tested in real-life situations, before it was available on the market. The testing has been done in Canada, in woods and mountains. Another important fact is that the testing was done by well-trained professionals who have used the knives the whole life. The TOPS Brothers OfBushcraft Knife has been tested for the strength, sharpness, usages in rough situations and the resistance to the water, sandand other issues that can damage the ordinary knives. The result was outstanding and this knife passed all the tests with flying colors.

TOPS Brothers Of Bushcraft Knife Review


  • Length: 10 inches
  • The length of the blade: 4.5 inches
  • Material: High Carbon
  • Durable handle
  • Tested in Canada wilderness
  • Sheath is included in the package
  • Stay sharp, even after the toughest usages
  • Designed for professionals

Customer Reviews and Scores

The blade and the sheath are the most appreciated parts of the TOPS Brothers OfBushcraft Knife. Thanks to them, but also to the rest of the knife, the rating of this model is 4.9 out of 5 stars, or the highest rating among knives of this type.

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The TOPS Brothers Of Bushcraft Knife is one of the rare models that has been tested in real life situations. It passed all the tests and it is available to you right now. This makes it a perfect knife, if you like using it in the nature, in the wilderness and in survival situations. The best part is that it hasn’t a single drawback.