Tops Knives Tahoma Field Knife Review

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If you are like me that likes to play a role of military personnel out in the field, you will definitely love the idea of having something that you can use whenever you are caught in some tight situations. Watching movies such as John Rambo and Saving Private Ryan, you must have noticed that even the simplest things such as knives, can make a difference between living and getting killed. That’s one thought worth remembering and speaking of which, this might be a good time to have the latest Tops Knives Tahoma Field Knife. I just bought mine recently and so far, during the times I was out playing like a soldier, I found it very useful and I now know why real life soldiers have this kind of sharp knife. It can definitely turn out as a life saver.

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Features of Tops Knives Tahoma Field

Made from high-grade steel

Knives are commonly made from steel. But the difference lies on the quality of the material to produce such product. If it is just low class steel that is used, there can be some issues. One problem that can arise is the concern of rust formation. This is very typical for products that are not made from high grade steel. Another one is that the knife might be broken easily rendering it to be useless. Fortunately, this Tahoma field knife is made from high-grade steel which assures high quality of the finished product.

Has the right size of ideal knife

Measuring around 14 inches from tip to handle, this is one knife you can bring inconspicuously. Remember that people seeing you bring this might see you as someone with an intention to hurt, given that a knife is considered to be a deadly weapon. But you should not let that hinder you from bringing something you can use when you are in a tight spot. The Tops Knives Tahoma Field variant can save you from this dilemma. With its right size, you will not have problems keeping it away from everyone else’s eyes.

It has multiple uses

Knives are not just for slicing food or ingredients to cook food. Sometimes, they can be used outdoors. They can be used to cut wires, even those that are made with low class iron materials. This product can also be used for such purposes while also giving you the ability to use it as a bottle opener and a mini saw.

Tops Knives Tahoma Field Knife Review


  • Measures 14 inches
  • Weighs 1.6 pounds
  • Made of high-grade carbon steel
  • Design based on ergonomics
  • Has wooden like handle

Customer Reviews and Scores

The rating of this unit is 4.9 out of 5 stars. It’s almost perfect and this is to be expected because of the way this knife provides necessary help defending on the needs. In my own experience, the knife itself has a design which makes cutting or slicing a lot easier. When I need to cut or strip some wires, I can use it. When drinking some beer, I can use it to open the bottle. Other customers had the same experience and as a proof, there are times when the demand is so great that this unit becomes temporarily unavailable.

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It is such a great outdoor knife which can also be used indoors. It is worth your money. You should buy this now while you still have a chance because in just a few days time, supplies might come to last. You’ll never regret purchasing this wonderful product. You can have it as a personal item for personal use or you can also have it gift wrapped to be given as a present.