Victorinox Rosewood Handle Chef Knife Review

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Are you a student learning to become a professional chef someday? If yes, then have something useful to share with you. Did you know that the chances of preparing tasty meals are higher when you have the right set of tools to use?

I know about this because I have a close friend who happens to be a chef and she shared to me a lot of things about her job. She even gave me a Victorinox Rosewood Handle Knife which, according to her, is part of her collection of knives for her profession. I started using it when preparing ingredients for our everyday meals in the house, and I must say I am impressed with the kind of work you can do with it.

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She even taught me some techniques to use when using this chef knife, and I must say I have grown fond of it. So if you want to pursue your dream to become a professional chef someday, I think you must start by investing for things you might need like this Victorinox knife.

This is a chef’s knife that features an 8-inch blade and a wooden handle. Here are some of the essential things that you should know about:

Features of Victorinox Rosewood Handle Chef Knife

Available at various sizes

This Victorinox knife is at different blade sizes suitable for all. You can get this knife in 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch versions all at affordable pricing.

Features stain-resistant blade

Cooking can be a little bit dirty sometimes, especially when you are on the part of preparing the necessary ingredients. Sometimes, slicing different things cause the blade of your knife to be stained. But Victorinox Rosewood Handle Knife assures you that this won’t happen. It has a stain-resistant blade which should be more than enough to keep your cooking activities a little bit cleaner. You won’t have to clean your knife now and then.Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Rosewood Chef's Knife, 8-Inch

Boasts razor-like sharpness

A lot of knives promise this feature. But taking from my experience in using this particular knife, I can say that it is more than just a promise. It’s a fact. The blade of this item has razor-like sharpness. It will make you feel like nothing is there when you are cutting meat or slicing vegetables. That’s all because of its high carbon stainless steel blade.

Able to sustain sharpness for a long time

Many knives are sharp. But a few can keep that sharpness for a long period, and Victorinox Rosewood Handle Knife is one of them. Because its blade is ice temp hardened, you can be sure that it retains sharpness for a long time and you are saved from the need to sharpen it from time to time.

We recommend you to get a good steel  or a good electric knife sharpener

Please be careful about putting this in a dishwasher as it is going to ruin its great handle.


  • Product dimensions set at 17 x 3.8 x 1.5 inches
  • Item weight is 4.8 ounces
  • Blade material is stainless steel
  • The blade is ice temp hardened
  • Able to sustain sharpness for a long time
  • Stain-resistant blade
  • Rosewood handle designed for comfort
  • Perfect for chopping, mincing, dicing and slicing
  • Able to produce precise cuts

Victorinox Rosewood Handle Chef Knife Customer Reviews and Scores

The item has gathered great ratings on Amazona and other marketplaces. Some of the buyers appreciated its sharpness even when they did not sharpen it the first time they used it. The design of the handle is also commendable, as many users stated that it was comfortable to hold the knife.

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If you are looking for a chef knife of your own, this one is perfect for you. It is definitely worth your money, and you will never regret buying it. The Victorinox Rosewood Handle Knife will prove to be a wonderful collection of your kitchen knives and who knows? It might even help to make you a professional chef someday.