What is a Credit Card Knife? Where to Buy the Best One?

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If you are looking for multipurpose knives, you may be better off with a credit card knife. It is not something that you will see in the hands of veterans or fighters. It is also not a knife that is used for cutting through the window glass of a car to save someone trapped inside it. For these things, there are dedicated knives.

A credit card knife, on the other hand, is a common man’s knife that can be put to daily use. As the name indicates, it can be as small as a credit card but is useful for anyone. It can add a touch of suavity while ensuring the confidence of having a small tool in a wallet, keychain, or purse.

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This post is dedicated to sharing different facts about this knife. This will help you decide whether you should have this knife or not.

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Overview of Credit Card Knife

A credit card knife is a handy and functional tool that deserves to be a part of daily arsenal maintained for several practical applications. This small knife has a sharp blade that helps in performing a myriad of daily chores. This advanced utility tool is just like an ATM card in terms of size.

It is small, sleek, slender, and features a distinct style. It is also popular as a cool survival knife that you can include in a bug out bag or first aid kit. It is popular in different survival and other groups for its diverse utility functions.

These knives can do anything that a pocket knife can. They fit into any pocket regardless of their size, are instant to pull out and put back inside. Regardless of the brand and make, credit card knives are affordable, easy to maintain, and even easier to conceal than other knives.

The credit card knives have serviceable blades that need just a little maintenance. You can use it for slicing things while camping. Most knives feature sturdy polypropylene bodies folding easily around the sharp edges made using stainless steel, thus converting them into portable pocket-friendly tools.

Most people prefer flexible hinges and stiff frames to have optimal lock features. Such knives are ideal for use in outdoor activities. Those whose blades are encased with a protective sheath are also safe for use if there are kids around.

Supporting Tools to Expect in a Credit Card Knife

Yes, a credit card knife is likely to come with more supporting tools. However, only some models come with additional tools. This fulfills the adage that good items come to us in small packs.

For example, smartphones and computers have reduced their size dramatically but come with more features concurrently. The same is applicable to credit card knives.

Some credit card knives come with components that you can detach for standalone use. These components or tools include a flashlight, pen, grip rest, toothpick, screwdriver, ruler, tweezer, opener, compass, whistle, divot repair tool, and a scraper.

Well, you can even gift these models to your loved ones. It can be one of the best gift ideas to consider when you seriously want to give something unique. A small tool with these diverse tools is just incredible!

Uses of Credit Card Knives as Everyday Carry (EDC) Knives

A credit card knife is certainly an EDC knife. However, it may not be as functional as a full-sized knife. Nevertheless, it is easier to take a credit knife in a purse or a pocket than carrying a collection of knives or a toolbox.

You can then rely on it for easily cutting something or opening a package. You will be happy to have an all-in-one knife in your pocket, which helps you save time.

Let’s assume that you are walking alone through a dark passage at night. Suddenly, someone from behind comes and threatens you to empty your pocket. Now, what is inside your pocket is truly valuable or precious for you. It may be a medicine to save someone’s life or a watch gifted to you by your loved one.

No matter what, you will not give up instantly. However, there is no weapon to help or give you the confidence to fight against the threat. However, if you have a credit card knife that you can instantly pull out to defend yourself, you truly have a savior in your hand.

Another scenario where a credit card knife proves to be handy is when you get stuck in the woods. There is seriously no reliable equipment to sustain your hope to come out. Well, this hope sustains with a credit card knife.

Although a credit card knife is not a tool you would use to tackle a serious fight, it is certainly a rude astonishment if someone holds you from behind at anytime, anywhere. This compact tool is handy at any tight spot. They are light and disguised.

You can use these knives for a variety of survival skills, which are as follows:

  • Making shelters
  • Defending yourself
  • Creating arrows
  • Cutting eatables
  • Unpacking packages
  • Sharpening spears of wood

In short, having a credit card knife is beneficial, as it keeps you prepared for any work or risk you may face.

Are There Folding Credit Card Knives?

Yes! A folding credit card knife is a handier version than a fixed-blade credit card knife. It is ideal for use outdoors when there is a need to cut something. This is because of the blade that ensures effective cutting. This version is more portable than the standard credit card knife, as its size shrinks upon folding.

Are There Types of Credit Card Knives?

There are several creative, appealing, and even straight models of this knife for sale. A few are simple such as the folding versions, while the rest are multifaceted such as the multi-tool credit card knives. To identify which one is the best for you, you need to know your survival or daily requirements.

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How to Make a Credit Card Knife on Your Own?

credit card knife

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you would be happy to know that you can make your credit card knife if the market models fail to appeal to you.

Okay, let’s make your task easier. It is not necessary to use durable and highly tensile build materials such as polypro and stainless steel. You can yet end up making a reliable knife.

There are just two main steps to create this knife. Here are the steps to perform at home for making a credit card knife on your own:

  1. Carve the Edge: This is the first step to make your own small knife. For this, just take any used or expired credit card and use a tape to denote two opposite corners. Then, with the help of a whetstone, sharpen the edge by running along the stone’s length. Doing so will remove some plastic from the card. Switch to another side for sharpening only once the initial edge for sharpening becomes evenly sharp. At this point, you need to be careful. This is because the edge you just sharpened is now razor-sharp; it can easily cut tomatoes and paper.
  2. Add More Tools: With the help of tape, it is now time to add sewing needles, arrowheads, fishhooks, and other tools to the rear and front of the card. This makes your credit card knife handier, as it is now a survival multi-tool. You can be as ingenious as possible to go ahead with what you can affix. If you have a file, use it to make some notches on the card’s opposing ends. Using the notches, you can wrap a strip of cordage around the card knife. Having a paracord is beneficial and is usually a part of most survival arsenals. You can even creatively add a ruler. Just mark the centimeters and inches along the non-sharp edge with the help of a sharpie. It then acts as a small ruler. Ensure that the card has around a space of three inches for this tool.

While it is easy to make a credit card knife, there is a major limitation. Most homemade survival knives will be incomparable to those available in the market. This is also applicable to credit card knives.

Moreover, in the case of DIY credit card knives, the blade faces outward due to which there is a risk of pocket or wallet damage. If there is wrapped cordage, you may face a few issues with regards to pocket or wallet fitting.

Overall, they are easy to design using minimal supplies. You can make a few credit card knives as family survival gifts. Apart from making such gifts, knowing how to make a multi-purpose tool is always useful.

Watch this youtube video for more information

Is It Legal to Carry a Credit Card Knife?

As credit card knives are technically concealed tools, the legitimacy of carrying it is not that straightforward.

In nations such as Canada, these knives are unlawful. This is because Canadian officials believe that these tools have no other function other than that of threatening. Thus, you should be careful when you wish to carry a credit card knife outside your neighborhood.

You should even find out whether the local laws do not ban carrying or using these knives. Otherwise, the knife could be sized, or you may become liable to pay a penalty for carrying a banned weapon.

The good news for you is that it is legal in the US to buy, own, use, and carry a credit card knife. Nevertheless, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) considers a credit card knife as a banned tool.

What this means is that you will not get through the airport security if you are carrying this knife even on a domestic flight. While traveling by air, just keep in mind that your pockets will be checked.

Luckily, you will not be charged for having this knife. However, the officials at the airport will seize the knife if it is found in a wallet, pocket, purse, or bag.

Remember, it is easy to find these plastic knives. This is because of its small size and blade design, the latter being such that when it comes out, it is easy to see it and know what the product is.

In 2013, for a short period, the TSA had removed its prohibition on small knives. However, due to intensive opposition to it, the ban was restored.

Thus, do not give any try to carry to the airports. Keep your credit card knives at home if you are not traveling by road or on foot. Or else, you will be at the risk of confiscation or obtaining a ticket for having a concealed tool in a federal area.

In short, knives are looked upon as weapons, regardless of the size and make. Thus, it is better not to carry knives in areas where they are likely to be banned. Even if you are visiting a federal building such as a court, do so without keeping any knife in your pockets.


A credit card knife is a smart, stealthy way to boost your confidence and improve your survival abilities. It is a compact, portable, light, affordable, and concealable tool used for self-defense, survival in the wild, and daily utilities.

Owning it simply gives a boost to your survival ability. This is enough to make you add this knife to your arsenal. Go for it if you need a small EDC knife that you can carry to perform a myriad of useful jobs. However, just be careful of not carrying or using it in the prohibited or restricted regions.

Although a credit card knife cannot substitute a full-sized survival or tactical knife, it is worth having it in your wallet or purse.