What is a Kiridashi Knife? Where to Buy the Best One?

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For using a knife for various purposes, you want it to be sharp enough to cut through anything. Whether you are looking for a knife for a variety of functions, bushcraft, or self-defense, a Kiridashi knife certainly is a versatile EDC tool to fulfill these desires.

With this traditional knife, you can enjoy the most efficient cutting experience. Made in Japan, it is the nation’s traditional small utility knife. It is traditionally a craft knife which is a small angular tip and is the equivalent of the modern Xacto Knife

It is reasonably simple to work with and affordable to buy. This authentic Japanese knife is ideal to choose if you are on a tight budget for an excellent cutting as well as a survival knife. Read on to know more about the Kiridashi knife.

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What is a Kiridashi Knife?

Kiridashi Knife,"Bi no Kawa

A Kiridashi knife is an all-purpose utility knife used chiefly for bamboo crafting and woodworking. It is forged using stainless steel of exceptional quality as well as traditional procedures.

These forging procedures have been delegated from one generation to another in Japan. This itself means that the ultimate quality is feasibly guaranteed.

Knives that are not hammered but manually forged employ metals such as pre-bonded steel. They are shaped by pressing devices holding the Kiridashi knife molds. This results in a few varieties in terms of size and weight.

While the blades are designed manually, craftsmen adjust the steel using hammers. While the quality is a bit lower than the only hammered knives, it is acceptable even to the professionals.

A Kiridashi usually features a sharp point and a chisel grind. Its chisel-grind edge can be straight or concave /curved. You can use it instead of a scalpel-like knife and for making sheaths.

Only one side of its blade is beveled to provide a thinner edge than a knife whose blade sides are beveled. Thus, you can easily make extremely fine cuts. Further, only the beveled side needs critical sharpening. This means you end up spending less time maintaining a Kiridashi.

Such a sharp knife is made using the purest design and minimalist components. As a result, anyone would use and admire this knife. A Kiridashi knife, with its fine craftsmanship and dynamic history, is a piece of dexterity and efficiency.

Cooking knives such as sashimis and pointed carvers are designed such that their blades are thin from the tip to the heel. However, the blades of Kiridashi knives are designed to remain thick in this area. This is better, as thicker blades support an incessantly stable cut while giving pressure to cut materials such as wood.

Knives are structured in different ways. When it comes to a Kiridashi knife, it is single-edged, and the rear components are instilled to form a slightly curved surface. Such a surface is termed as urasuki, which is present in a Japanese kitchen knife.

This surface minimizes frictional resistance at the time of cutting. As a result, they do not easily stick to the blade. Further, it also facilitates sharpness.

Regarded as ideal for prying, carving, grafting, and for daily knife tasks, a Kiridashi has a distinct edge orientation as well as much leverage at the tip and edge. As a result, it can cut through almost anything.

A few handmade Kiridashi knives are designed from reclaimed industrial files. They are usually made up of tool steel, which is one of the best build materials on the planet, according to several knife enthusiasts.

The tool steel can be high-quality 1095 or W1 steel. These materials are easy to sharpen and can retain their edge. As they are recycled, each resultant tool or gear made from them is truly unique.

These tool steel knives are trustworthy, as they are crafted to last a lifetime. Most of them come with an asymmetrical grind and are small in length.

These little utility blades do have their leather sheaths and lanyards so that you can carry them safely as well as conveniently.  As they are designed using old tools, they retain the tough and durable nature of their original form.

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The word ‘Kiridashi’ literally means ‘to carve’ in Japanese and ‘pointed knife’ in English. Thus, it was chiefly used for carving wood. It was originally recognized as a small Katana in Japan. Traditionally, Kiridashis were used by school-going kids in Japan for cutting bamboo and paper to accomplish their art assignments.

They carried one such knife by putting it in their pencil box. It was an integral part of any writing desk set. The adults also used the knife for whittling tasks and pruning bonsai trees.

The knife was also used to sharpen pen quills, cut strings, and shape brush tips. Carpenters used a bit larger version than the standard one for shaping and marking wood as well as for trimming tenon joints.

As the chronicles took forward, its use changed. Today, the knife is a reliable tool for several purposes, just like other knives around the world.

Apart from carving wood and cutting paper, the knife is also commonly used for opening a box and shaping brush tips. This is because of the versatile shape of the knife. It undoubtedly fits in the design arena field, as well.

What is a Kiridashi Knife Used For?

You can use a Kiridashi for almost any task that demands the use of a knife. Following are the various uses of this knife:

  • Usual cutting
  • Etching wood and leather due to much more power at the tip and edge than several other knives
  • Opening boxes due to the knife’s ability to control significantly at the tip as compared to the majority of knives
  • Grafting
  • Cutting cords and zip ties
  • Ripping seams
  • Gardening
  • Removing splinters
  • Chiseling woos
  • Prying (slight) in a pinch
  • Defending yourself in adverse situations
  • Deburring and drilling holes
  • Supporting in multiple grips
  • Aiding in survival (making feather sticks)
  • Assisting as a tactical belt

Kiridashis are compact and tough due to which you can rely on it for protection and carry it anywhere you go. The pommel itself is great for crushing small things such as nuts.

The angled pommel fits well in most palms. Alternatively, it gives a suitable place for the thumb for leverage. You can even use it as a kubaton even if left in the sheath for protecting yourself.

According to most users and forum commenters, these knives are an ideal pack of pocket knives. A shorter length means it is handier for you to keep it anywhere. With this knife, it is also easy to sharpen outdoor or sharpen at home.

The best-selling aspects are the control and power at the blade and tip along with a pull cut and a reverse grip. These features make it possible for this knife to slide through the toughest material as if it was leather. You can hold it with a regular or reverse grip, tip down or up, and grip it in the palm or enjoy a full grip.


Boasting the traditional Japanese design, a Kiridashi knife is a pocket-cum-utility knife useful for all types of daily tasks. It is useful for artists and craftsmen such as woodcarvers, sculptors, and instrument makers.

It is small enough to take it anywhere but strong enough to face any challenging situation. With it, you will feel the authentic Japanese luxury and flair in your daily life. This is your chance to substitute the standard cutters with a genuine Kiridashi knife!