What is A Poop Knife? Where to Buy One ?

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There are different types of knives you may have come across and use. However, a poop knife is something that you may be hearing or seeing for the first time. Well, there is a story behind this knife that is funny.

Nobody can deny the fact each human being does poop. It does not matter how frequently we do so. However, it does matter when the poop is big. This requires your attention and more help to flush it down.

Big poops are less likely to go down via just one-time flush. This is specifically true if your toilet is not prepared to handle such a poop. This is where a poop knife plays a role of flushing down a big poop by splitting it apart. Although a funny tool, this knife is an original product that went viral through a Reddit conversation.

Although it seems strange, a conversation regarding the use of this knife was imitated on Reddit after which it became viral. Finally, it led to a knife to help those who are having big poops. Thus, the poop knife is here to ease this difficulty.

Poop Knife

Overview of Poop Knife

A poop knife refers to a knife kept near the toilet to slash big concrete turds that otherwise tend to congest the toilet. It is usually a knife with a long handle and a dull blade, as an accidental skin cut would otherwise lead to an infection. It is not meant for use at the time of bowel movement.

It is a device that helps in passing crap smoothly down the drain. This is legit and it is vital for you to know. As the name suggests, a poop knife is a knife for poop.

The Legend of Poop Knife

The World Wide Web is where you get to know about all types of stories and treasures, provided you know where to look for them. Well, Reddit is one such platform where you can discover many of these treasures and bizarre stories.

So, what inspired the conversation that ended up with the poop knife? Well, it was a thread by a Reddit user named LearnedButt (now removed but  a copied version can be found here too ) who introduce this concept with which most of us were unfamiliar.

The user explained how his family used a normal poop knife for cutting up giant poop pieces so that they would finally flush down easily. There are certain families that have traditions or customers specific only to them and the family of this user is just one of them. This is the custom of using a poop knife.

According to Reddit: “Never to be mistaken for a box opener again, this poop knife is one of a kind – made from metal-reinforced silicone it is strong, hygienic, and easy to clean. * Guaranteed not to turn into a rusty punji stick. Be a samurai of the porcelain poo-poo platter.”

According to the Reddit user, he was just 22 years old when he realized that not all families use a poop knife. He further said that his family poops big and thus had a poop knife, which was an old corroded tool like a kitchen knife.

He recognized that a part of growing into an adult involves the process of learning that several procedures or tasks occurring within a household were not at all normal.

His recent revelation about his weird upbringing is likely to give you a feel that you and your family and whatever they have done until now is just sane. This is because this user had to use a poop knife, although bizarre but was a normal tool at his home.

It was suspended from a nail in the room dedicated to laundry, which was only meant for that purpose. The reason why it was kept in the laundry room was that this room was in the middle of all three bathrooms and that there was just one designated knife for handling big poop chunks.

According to him, it was normal to stroll through the hallway and listen to someone asking ‘Hey, can you get me the poop knife?” The user, upon hearing it, felt that it was a normal kit in which there are a toilet brush and a plunger. However, it did not mean so.

The user is referring this part to an incident that happened when he was at his friend’s house. This is where once he used the bathroom and realized it was one of those big poops that would not flush without a poop knife. Thus, he opened the door and asked for the knife to his friend who had no idea what he is saying.

Upon this, the user first got a feeling that the friend has one such tool but maybe he knows it by another name, which can be a cleaver or a divider. So, the user explained what poof knife is and why it was needed. Probably, none of these names help in making the friend and anyone else at the house understand as to what was required.

He further explained that his family pooping big could be due to genetic reasons or maybe due to the diet; no matter what the reason is, everyone had the issue of pooping giant pieces of crap. Thus, it was clear that such mega poops would not flush so easily.

These big pieces laid across the hole at the toilet bowl’s bottom and the whirlpool of draining water is only capable of making them spin. Well, the fact is that most of us must have faced this problem at some point of time in life, if not regularly.

Thus, they too have struggled to flush down those annoying pieces. The user continued saying that this issue was a common occurrence when he grew up. Thus, a poop knife came to their rescue.

This entire conversation on Reddit seems to be a confession after the user had to have an uneasy conversation with his wife. Until this conversation, his wife never interested to ask about the rusty poop knife suspending from their utility closet.

Although she did not know that it is a poop knife, she had used it to open packaged boxes, which itself was problematic. Fortunately, she had never cooked using this knife.

Today, LearnedButt uses some utility knives and keeps them in the garage. His wife has swiftly learned how to get rid of them once she inadvertently used one of them without knowing their intended purpose. Although his wife does not want to even touch them, LearnedButt is planning to give this knowledge of what is poop knife and how to use it to his kids.

The After Effects of This Reddit Conversation

This tale persuaded others to reveal their own bizarre tools in use in their families. The Reddit post attracted a lot of attention and made readers reveal their own toilet-related habits that otherwise would not be known. These habits were unique to their family.

Thus, the most astonishing aspect of this chronicle of poop knife is not only the family of the user who used a specially selected knife for splitting their own excrement but also the comments that other users pitched.

The readers of this tale felt persuasive and interesting to pitch in their experience of using equivalent tools in their homes. One of the comments stated that although they had no poop knife, they used a poop ruler to split up the big poop. Thus, the user who has posted this conversation is not all alone.

Another poster disclosed that they used a pee jar, a Tupperware that their dad used to store on the window sill of the kitchen and behind the curtains. When someone had to pee, there was no need to go to another room or floor to look for a toilet.

The pee was done in this jar, which was then dumped down the sink and washed using hot water. Then, the mother would throw them out. Finally, a new jar then was placed on the sill. The poster along with the brother used this method for years to later realize that it was a weird way.

Another commentator stated that they used a poop spatula that remains in the upstairs bathroom. This is as strange as using a poop knife.

Above all, there were readers who admitted that they too used a poop knife. As per one of the readers who commented, he was known as a poop knifer in his home. He used to keep the knife in a bag having a zip lock, which was kept inside a shopping bag.

Along with a knife, there was a pair of latex gloves in it. The reader used to disinfect the knife or replace it regularly. Although the mother was unhappy about replacing the knives as it meant one less knife in use for her, the visualization in the mind of what was done using the knife made the reader get rid of it quite frequently.

According to one more comment from u/Iamnottouchingewe, his friend’s sister has the same issue as the LearnedButt due to which even could not flush it down. As a solution, she casually walks into the kitchen while the reader’s friend is watching videos and takes away a pocket knife kept in a junk drawer.

She then silently goes back to the bathroom. Once when both mom and dad on the way caught her with the knife, she replied that this knife will be used to cut the large turd in the toilet.

The Real Cause behind the Birth of Poop Knives

It is true that LearnedButt got a poop knife from his dad for pre-flushing such that the big logs do not result in clogs. The main reason behind this was not the natural propensity of pooping big to clog the toilet.

However, it was the toilet itself that was incapable of handling big poops. Much of the past two generations grew up using feeble toilets because of the yet-to-advance technology and advanced water-conservation mechanisms.

To get rid of clogs, a few dads had gone ahead to smuggle more robust toilets from Canada into the United States. Others got inclined towards poop-chopping tools.

Apart from the poop knife, these tools also include wooden sticks, pencils, and even coat nail gadgets. This may seem more bizarre than what you may think. Thus, chances are there that even your parents may have used a poop knife.

Where to Buy a Poop Knife From?

Well, this is the best part for you to know. Even if you feel bizarre, this poop knife is now a commercial product and is available online for sale. Yes, this is true, and you can easily buy one according to your needs.

If you are curious to buy the original poop knife, it is also possible to do so at Amazon. With this, you will never get to disclose the reason for buying this.

No one knows when this poop knife will be the tool in use in most homes. However, it is likely to help people having trouble flushing the poop down the toilet. It may even replace the plunger soon.

Poop Knife Gag Gift
  • Be a samurai of the poo poo platter!
  • Ridiculous gag gift for friends and family, or daily necessity? You decide.
  • Metal reinforced silicone is strong, hygienic, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe (if you dare)
  • This will cut poop! Tested on the most ferocious of bog crocodiles without a fight. Curious about what an Original Poop Knife feels like? Imagine a heavy silicone covered butter knife.
  • Long enough to keep your hand clear of danger in a standard depth toilet

Another Meaning of Poop Knife

It would be more frightening to hear that an attempt has been to make knives from frozen human feces for cutting animal hides. However, this attempt failed, as these knives do not work at all, according to massivesci.com.


What started as a simple conversation on Reddit is now a bizarre but a handy product being sold commercially for handling the giant bits of poop. It is obvious that each one of us shall have at least one unusual poop tale. However, it seems that several people have started using poop knives and yet several will start using it soon.

Those who will be having will surely want to get their hands on this tool rather than snatching one out of the kitchen. If you are one of them, it is natural to feel weird to use one such bathroom tool. However, keeping the poop knife solely for this purpose will then eliminate the awkwardness.