What is a Rainbow Knife? Popular Rainbow Knives

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A knife is an ancient weapon that man has designed right since the stone age. Although commonly used for cooking and protection, relating it to the purpose of self-defense in the outdoors makes it the most vital tool for all of us.

Historically, most knives have been used for defense against hostiles and burglars, food preparation in kitchens, and making a shelter. Despite their diverse uses, the look tends to be quite similar.

A knife, regardless of its type or use, is traditionally a blend of black (handle) and silver (blade) look. For a few of us, this look has become boring and dull. Do you also feel that the knives with this typical look are boring? If yes, then a rainbow knife is made for you!

Although black is a timeless color and known for its never-fading elegant look, it is time to gift yourself something distinct. One way to do so is to add a few colors to your arsenal of knives. Do you feel the same? If yes, then a rainbow knife is an ideal way to make your collection of knives more vibrant.

TAC Force TF-705RB Tactical Spring Assisted Knife 4.5" Closed

Rainbow Knife Overview

A rainbow knife is a cool looking knife due to its colorful build. As the name indicates, this knife encompasses multiple colors like a rainbow to deliver a colorful look.

It not only looks great but also functions beyond satisfaction due to its all expected features that are otherwise available in high-quality knives or blades. A rainbow knife is usually a pocket knife that is small in size, light in weight, and durable.

Weight is perhaps one of the most important buying factors to consider. Indeed, a lighter handle, as well as a blade, makes it easy to carry a knife daily. A rainbow pocket knife is one such knife. Moreover, it does not compromise longevity and strength for easy carry.

It usually comes with a sharp blade and a spring-assisted mechanism for opening and closing the blade. Thus, a rainbow knife is typically a pocket folding tool. It is easy to carry as well as use a rainbow knife for handling any critical situation.

The flashy and majestic look tends to render a great feeling at the time of using this knife.

When it is the matter of rainbow knife design, nothing seems to beat it, because the design tends to be unique, and it reflects supreme elegance and opulence.

Especially the females love the charismatic and cheerful appearance, while the males tend to dribble over its refined look.

Most rainbow pocket knives possess one of the finest blades made using pure stainless steel. The blade typically has a non-stick coating to ensure its user a great experience.


The Secret to the Prismatic Look of Rainbow Knives

A rainbow knife passes through a process named Physical Vapor Disposition (PVD) coating.

In this process, metals are ionized with the help of an arch having a low voltage and a high current and are then put in a vacuum chamber together with other items for coating. Then, a negative voltage is passed, after which, a subtle and thin layer of metal everlastingly coats both the handle and the blade.

The underlying notion here is that ionizing metal results in coatings and that different metals forms distinct coatings. Thus, the colorful luster of rainbow colors on the blade of a rainbow knife is the result of the PVD coating process.

Rainbow Knife as an Everyday Carry Knife (EDC) for Self Defense

Self-defense is an umbrella term that encompasses all types of spiteful encounters that can occur to anyone. So, it is just not confined to any imposing intimidator with whom you simply do not want to fall into any trouble.

This is where you need something to protect yourself. Having a rainbow knife here can be both fruitful and satisfactory. This is because it is an EDC tool that you can covertly carry and use it to distract someone or cause harm to anyone trying to attack you, without letting the latter know that you have one such tool.

It may sound a bit bizarre that a colorful knife like the rainbow will work to protect you. However, it does! You may search online to read real stories of outdoorsmen who have shared their experiences of street fights and how this kind of knife has saved them.

Other Uses of Rainbow Pocket Knives

Apart from defense, a rainbow knife is useful for several purposes while outdoors. One of the most important uses is to help collect wood and small branches for triggering a fire.

In a snowy area, this knife helps in chopping through the frost and ice, as it is pretty sharp. This is significantly helpful to those who get trapped in such a region. You can also use it for chopping fruits and opening boxes. Thus, a rainbow knife works as a multi-purpose tool for those who are out.

Salient Features of Rainbow Pocket Knives

Regardless of the reason for which you may use a rainbow knife, using it is a pleasing experience. It has some truly unique features due to which it is a one-of-its-kind tool. Here are these features apart from being light in weight:

  • Branded: Rainbow pocket knives are available from brands such as Elk Ridge, Dark Side Blades, MTech, and Tac Force. These knives are composed of high-quality steel and adhere to all manufacturing standards currently in action. Their design and make seem to be perfect from almost all angles, such as right size, handle material that is real, and sharp blade edge. Thus, there is no need for you to bother about the quality of these rainbow knives.
  • Artistic Look: The appearance of a rainbow knife is not just confined to a vibrant rainbow look. A few models also come with cool artworks that are attractive to those for whom the look is of great importance. Consider this knife if you want a beautiful exterior finish too.
  • Locking Mechanism: This is another useful feature present in a rainbow pocket knife. The locking mechanism is pretty strong and reliable enough due to the advanced integrated technology. As a result, the blade does not close accidentally while you are using it. Otherwise, a sudden folding or closing can lead to an unexpected injury.
  • Spring-assisted Opening Mechanism: Some of the rainbow knives have this feature, makes the use of this knife quite easy. You can open the blade with just a single press on a button. The blade is attached firmly to the handle, which, when opened, is locked well for using the knife safely. In the closed position, a torsion spring along with an optional lock holds the blade inside. When you manually pressurize the thumb stud to move the blade out, the spring moves in the liner along a track and quickly spins to come into an opened, locked position. Due to this mechanism, a rainbow knife belongs to the category of spring-assisted knives.
  • Pocket Clip: Many brands provide rainbow knives with a pocket clip. Most of us will endorse the fact that the ideal pocket knives have a pocket clip, as it makes carrying a knife easier. With this clip, you can even clip the knife onto your pocket. Many prefer this than putting the knife inside your pocket, as it is relatively safer.
  • Affordable: Although sleek and splendid, rainbow knives are currently sold by trusted dealers at affordable prices. Whether online or offline, these dealers provide a variety of cool models at pocket-friendly rates.

Popular Rainbow Pocket Knives on Amazon

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Rainbow Kitchen Knives

Nowadays you can find rainbow knives suitable for your kitchen. For example, Marco Almond has a wide range of rainbow knives for sale on Amazon, like their popular KYA27 kitchen knife sets available at affordable prices.

Here is a table featuring popular rainbow kitchen knives you can find on Amazon.com

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Care and Maintenance of Rainbow Knife

Although a rainbow knife has multiple uses, it is not as vigorously used as knives used in kitchens. This is perhaps the reason why many users do not recollect that even a rainbow knife needs proper care and maintenance.

If you do not clean your rainbow knife, it will get dirtier, and the vibrant luster will tend to go away. The messier it gets, the more harmful it becomes as well. A dull knife is always more dangerous, as it requires you to give more force during use, which can result in slippage and drops.

If the dirty stains on the blade are not removed, it will have a profound impact on the sharpness of the blade as well. Thus, it is wise to retain your rainbow knives in a tidy condition.

The good news is that it is easy to maintain or clean a rainbow pocket knife. You only need some basic things, namely, an old toothbrush, lukewarm soapy water, a good lubricant, and cloth for drying purposes. Now, perform the following steps:

  1. Start by scrubbing the rainbow pocket knife’s blade by using the toothbrush and warm soapy water so that all the dirt is removed.
  2. Wipe the knife with the dry cloth and allow it to dry completely.
  3. Now, apply the right lubricant to the moving components of the knife, which are usually the hinge and the lock.

It is recommended to use a petroleum-based wet lubricant. In case you use the knife for cutting or peeling eatables, it is wise to choose a food-safe lubricant for knives.

Just ensure that you clean your knife regularly. Otherwise, standard wear and tear are likely to develop to reduce the lifespan of your tool. Moreover, as the primary use of a rainbow knife is for protection, it becomes even more important to keep it clean.

Legal Implications

Some states or countries have a set of strict rules for owning, using, and carrying pocket knives. Thus, it is wise to check out the laws in your area before you go ahead and buy a rainbow pocket knife.


A rainbow knife is a small tool with rainbow colors on its blade due to which it looks quite charismatic and vibrant. It is easy to carry it every day due to its lightweight build.

Although usable for daily and everyday tasks, a rainbow knife can also be used during an emergency and self-defense. This is why several outdoor goers use it as a survival knife.

At the time of buying, it is wise to keep in mind the features mentioned above so that you can invest in a good one. At the same time, do check out the national and local laws in your area so that there is no legal repercussion of using a pocket knife.