Work Sharp WSKTS-KO Knife Sharpener Review

I firmly believe in DIY. I consider myself an above average cook, and a great handy man, but I’m nothing without my tools. Whether it’s my kitchen knives or my hedge clippers, my tools are an important part of my craft. As you can imagine I do a lot of cutting, slicing and chopping, so I need sharp equipment. Sorry, I need the sharpest equipment.  Thanks to the efforts of Work Sharp and Ken Onion, I have the ultimate sharpener to keep my tools in tip top condition. They have produced a multi-functional sharpener that takes care of all of my tools, and much more.

You have to see it to believe it, but since I can’t show you, let me tell you about it. This sharpener is much different from any other on the market, it’s creative and fantastic at the same time.

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Features of Work Sharp WSKTS-KO

Sharpen Every Knife You Own

Whether it is kitchen knives, filet knives, outdoor knives, tactical knives or pocketknives that you own, you can sharpen them with this product. Perhaps you have a variation of shaped blades, which also isn’t a problem for the Work Sharp and Ken Onion collaboration product. The majority of sharpeners on the market can only cater for steel kitchen knives, this sharpener can do much more than that. It can even sharpen those ceramic knives that are strictly forbidden from other sharpening products.

Not all of these knives are sharpened by the same process, but they are sharpened using the same product. A combination of flexible abrasive belts, an adjustable precision sharpening guide and variable speeds, allows you to take care of all your tools.

Adjustable Angle Guide

We are all aware that kitchen knives can come in different degrees, and hence they usually require different sharpeners. However, with this Work Sharp product you can turn the adjustment knob from 15 to 30 degrees, and any whole number in between. The knob goes up in 1 degree increments, so you can select the perfect angle.

You can completely remove this guide from the device, if you wish to carry out freehand grinding. Perfect for all the garden tools such as; shovels, axes, hatches and much more, you can sharpen up almost any tool that you require.

Once we head back indoors you may find a pair of scissors that have become quite blunt, no problem. Get out your WSKTS-KO sharpener and locate the built in scissor guide, it can sharpen scissors to a 65 degree angle, which is the most common angle of scissors.


If sharpening your kitchen knives, scissors or garden tools wasn’t enough functionality for you, then why not try out the optional attachments that Work Sharp and Ken Onion have to offer! Including the blade grinding attachment that allows you to create unique knife profiles, bevels and edge finishes. The opportunities are endless with this product.

Work Sharp WSKTS-KO Knife Sharpener


  • Weighs 4 ounces
  • Dimensions 5.5 X 10 X 6 inches
  • Knife and tool sharpener
  • Sharpen any knife you own
  • Scissors, household knives and DIY tools
  • Quickly and easily sharpens your blades
  • Compact and portable
  • Adjustable sharpening guide
  • Variable speed heavy duty

Customer Reviews and Scores

A total of over 1,100 customers have left a reviews on this Work Sharp product, and the majority of them are over the moon with their purchase. In fact, 91% of customers are very happy and left a gleaming review. There are few flaws in this product and it really shows. It has currently earned 4.7 out of 5 stars, which comes as no surprise.

Click Here to Find Out The Pricing and Reviews on Amazon


Yes, this product is on dearer side of the market. But, rather than thinking of it as an ordinary purchase, consider it as an investment. Think of all the replacement tools that you won’t have to buy, when you have a sharpener to keep all of your equipment in great condition. The Work Sharp and Ken Onion sharpener speaks for itself, and I don’t need to say anymore.