Yoshihiro Cutlery Hammered Damascus Knife Review

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Home chefs like me work best when we hold the best of kitchen knives. I should know about this because of my own experience. For my kitchen knives, I see to it that the ones I use have exceptional sharpness, comfortable handles and good overall design. One of the best that I have right now is the Yoshihiro Cutlery Hammered Damascus Knife which I suppose comes from the humble country of Japan. What I loved about this knife, the most if the fact that it is not mass produced and therefore its quality is assured and possible defects are dealt with before realising such item out in the market.

Most of the knives that are being sold today are produced with the help of machines. This is done so that more pieces of the same item are produced at a time. That’s usually good for business. But that is not always the case. For something that is as important as a knife, getting one that is produced by human hands and not machines, such as the Yoshihiro Cutlery Hammered Damascus Knife, might not be a bad idea at all. In my experience, it has made my cooking chores a lot easier.

This is a kitchen knife that features a wooden handle that is not mass produced and is completed via hand finish. It originates from Japan and has great features like the following:

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Features of Yoshihiro Cutlery Hammered Damascus

Not mass produced with machineries

Common sense would dictate that is something is mass produced; the quality might be compromised because the focus was only on the quantity. Most knives are produced in this way but the Yoshihiro Cutlery Hammered Damascus Knife is different. It is hand crafted and therefore each and every piece of it is carefully inspected. Rest assured that you’ll have a knife with the highest of quality. I know because that’s what I experienced.

Features excellent sharpness and incomparable durability

The blade of this knife is made from VG-10 Japanese steel which far exceeds the level of hardness of your ordinary stainless steel. Forged with precision, this material produces a knife blade that has cutting edge sharpness and durability. Take note however that you cannot use this to slice hard materials like bones among many more others.

Has a mahogany wooden handle

Mahogany is a famous tree in Asia that is the source of timbers used for furniture. It can also be used to produce good and comfortable knife handle, as evidenced by its finished product with this particular kitchen knife.

Yoshihiro Cutlery Hammered Damascus Knife


  • Features VG-10 Japanese Steel Core (HRC 60)
  • Damascus steel cladding
  • Stainless and impervious to rust
  • Blade length is 5 inches
  • Blade thickness is 2 mm
  • Total knife weight is 3 oz
  • Comes with mahogany wooden handle
  • Perfect for slicing, mincing and dicing food materials
  • Suitable for use involving bones

Customer Reviews and Scores

It has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Most of the users, just like me, appreciated its sharpness and durability. The edge retention is also exceptionally well. Buyers also loved the idea that it has a wooden handle and is not mass produced with the aid of any machinery.

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This is by far one of the best kitchen knives I have bought. Taking from my experience, it really helps a lot in making my cooking experiences better. I personally recommend buying this knife. It is worth every buck you spend for it. Buy one for yourself and you will not regret it.