What is the Best Electric Knife of 2024? Top Picks & Reviews

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An electric knife is certainly not a new addition in the world of kitchen knives. Surprisingly, it was a commonly used tool in the kitchen a few decades ago. However, the quality was not great, which led to significant dissatisfaction. They vanished from the list of preferable kitchen tools. They started gaining attention once quality improved. The best electric knife is durable, comes with sharp blades. The modern-day knives also contribute to cooking efficiency as well as a convenience by automating the cutting job with maximum precision.

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This guide will help you find the right electric knife for you. To help you started, we have also added a few short electric knife reviews, as well.

5 Best Electric Knives of 2024 with Short Reviews

Here is our list of top electric knives in the market at various price ranges.

Cuisinart CEK-40 – Best value for money electric knife with two blades

Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife

It offers a powerful combination of two stainless-steel blades and ergonomic handle to carve meats and loaves of bread evenly a breeze. The handle is such that a right- or left-handed person can use it easily. The stainless steel blades remain sharp even after several uses to give long term performance. This knife comes with a storage block tray made up of solid wood and a safety lock system due to which you can store it in a drawer. There is also pressure-activated control and space for keeping the wrapped 4-feet cord. Read our article on Cuisinart electric knife.

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Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife

Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife (Green/Yellow)

It is 30% more potent than other electric knives and features almost double cutting torque. It also bears a durable construction with its heavy-duty gears and relaxed hand design. The striking colorful body embraces a sharp and serrated 7-inch blade cutting through any item with no or little waster. The knife also has a safety lock to keep accidental start at bay, 5-feet long cord, and convenient blade release. Read our article on Mister Twister electric knife

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Hamilton Beach 74250 – Cheap electric knife for carving meats and bread

Hamilton Beach Electric Knife for Carving Meats, Poultry, Bread, Crafting Foam & More, Storage Case & Serving Fork Included, White (74250R)


It seems to have almost all required features, such as serrated dual 7.5-inch blades of stainless steel, compact storage case, 100 watts power, non-slip trigger, a dishwasher-safe carving fork, and adherence to the electrical standards of North America. With the given blades, you will slice just like a professional. The case is of flexible plastic, with a foam insert molded to hold the set. Read our article on hamilton beach electric knife

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Oster FPSTEK2803B – Cheap electric knife with fork

Oster FPSTEK2803B Electric knife, Black/Silver


It comes with fork and custom storage. It has a removable stainless steel blade with a tailored tip for handling dense areas. The handle features an ergonomic design. Read our article on Oster electric knife

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Black and Decker EK700

Black&decker Electric Bread & Multi-knife Ek700

It Has dishwasher-safe stainless steel blades, ergonomic grip, and safety lock. It is ideal for slicing homemade loaves of bread with even and precise output. The blade is serrated and is 7-inches long. Read our article on Black and Decker electric knife

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Top 3 Reasons to Choose an Electric Knife

Well, the modern models are useful for many tasks. Unlike the older models, the newer electric knives are capable of cutting all kinds of hard stuff with almost no or a little problem. However, they are not for soft foods and super tough material. Below are the top 3 reasons to have an electric knife in your kitchen:

  • Speedy with Efficiency: Gone are those days when everyday cutting tasks used to consume some time. With an electric knife, these tasks are not faster. A job of 10 minutes now takes only one minute with such a knife. This is because of faster moving blades than regular ones.
  • Precision: You get evenly cut slices whenever you use a modern electric knife, whether it’s loaves of bread or veggies.
  • Less Effort: You put in much less pressure or force while cutting due to electricity. Despite this, the blades slice rapidly. This beneficial combination is not on offer even by a sharp manual knife that can be tough to deal at times.

Thus, it is a wise decision to add an electric knife to a kitchen knife storage box. While looking for the best electric knife for your kitchen, you need to consider several things, most of which are features that add to the convenience. However, there are a few things to consider before selecting your knife.

Things to Consider Before Shopping for the Best Electric Knife

  • Things to Cut: The first question to ask yourself before buying the knife is what all things I shall cut. Cooks already have dedicated knives for cutting bread and other stuff. If you will be cutting more of loaves of bread and do not have a dedicated bread knife, it is best to look for an electric knife that is an expert in cutting different types of slices of bread.
  • Frequency of Use: A durable knife with a long warranty is ideal in case you will be using an electric knife quite often. A cheaper model is suitable for usage during special days. Doing so will make you use your money economically.
  • Your Strength: Some effort is always required, especially for cutting frozen stuff, although it is not like in case of a manual knife. Thus, ensure that the knife will not trigger the feeling of exhaustion, especially if you will be using it for a long or extended period.

Essentials of Electric Knives

It is interesting to know that electric knives are not mandatory for all kitchens as well as for all people. They are only necessary for those who have issues with their grip.

With such a knife in hand, minimal effort is required by any user suffering from unbearable arthritis or other medical condition. Such people can yet enjoy independent cooking, the credit of which goes to the mechanical power from two blades working together.

Even for those who have no medical issues, this kitchen tool ensures much more convenience, grip, and comfort when it is the matter of slicing a home-made loaf or prepping beetroots. Electric knives perform much similar to a manual mixer.

Most models come with two blades locking into the device. In a few of them, the blades might also lock together for giving an additional level of security. When ready to use, these devices move back and forth quite quickly, and the blade usually has a serrated edge.

If you know that slicing loaves and slices of bread are going to be more frequent than handling other stuff, it is recommended looking for a model with a smoother surface for cutting. These smoother models are designed to give you very clean slices of fresh loaves while retaining your hands away as the steam comes out from a hot piece.

The most reliable electric models come with safety features.

One of the most commendable safety features is a double or locking trigger or a double trigger. However, some models with a double trigger are not so easy to use, especially if your hands are small. So, it is best to check out the type of safety feature required before investing in the most promising model that assures to work with your grip.

Another aspect that you need to know about electric knives is the blade. Whether you are buying for the first time or ninth time, it is best to choose a model that is capable of retaining its blades firmly together while in use for cutting. In its absence, there can be damage to both knife and what is being cut, because the food is likely to get trapped between the blades as they quickly move.

One more vital aspect to know is the power source of electric knives. Electric knives can be either cordless or corded. If you are going for a model that should be plugged into an outlet, it is wise to consider models with a swiveling cord of more than three feet of length.

The safety issues with regards to cord do not exist if you choose to have a cordless electric knife. If you decide to buy such a model, do check the quality and status of batteries that come along with it. It is essential to verify that the battery is fully charged, especially before using the device for the first time. Or else, the cells can get ruined, which is usually not covered by a limited warranty.

You should also know about the release buttons on the model while buying an electric knife. Most models come with a push-button on sides and close to the front, while some have it on the top or the bottom. Well, the key here is to choose one that makes you feel most comfortable. Such a design will also not nourish your greasy hands in case of the slipping event.

How to Choose the Best Electric Knife

Electric Knife

The following are the features and some buying factors to look for while choosing the electric knife.

Factor 1: Your Requirements

Knowing your needs includes finding out what things you will cut with an electric knife, how frequently you will use the knife, and what is your strength level.

When it comes to knowing the stuff to cut, the list can be small but highly diverse. A few of us would like to buy and use separate knives for cutting slices of bread, due to which bread knives are quite popular. Similarly, many knife users want to have a special knife for cutting tough stuff, such as melons.

In that case, it is best to look for an electric knife that specializes in cutting those hard items or bread loaves. You will be able to find dedicated models exclusively designed for cutting loaves of bread, hard stuff, or for cutting both. The models that specialize in both are, however, costly.

The next thing to consider in your list of requirements is how you will be using the electric knife. If planning to use it frequently, it is recommended to look for a durable model with a long warranty. In the case of only occasional use, an affordable unit will do.

Lastly, you need to consider your strength in cutting jobs. Although these tools run on electricity, the user is expected to exert up to some extent, especially while dealing with frozen stuff. However, the key here is to strike a balance between comfort and exertion. So you need to pick a comfortable to hold model.

Factor 2: Type

You can choose either a corded or a cordless model. A corded one has ample power and steady as well as even carving abilities. However, a cord long is required if the electrical outlet is far from the place where you will usually be using the knife. On the other hand, a cordless model works on a rechargeable battery, which makes it easy to use at home, at the campsite, and even while on the go in your SUV. However, here, you need to know how long a charged battery will last.

While it is tough to overcome the cordless convenience, a few things go in less favor. Cordless models are undoubtedly convenient as they can be taken anywhere without bothering about cords. However, the charge does not seem to last. Further, the power drop can be irritating with wearing down battery life. You may have to recharge it often due to limited battery life. Nonetheless, a cordless model is a good option for outdoor tasks apart from those on the dining table.

The good news is also that if you are not much into cutting or carving due to which you use the electric model not too frequently, chances are high for it to work fine as per your needs. Still, you need to keep in mind the battery life. In simple terms, a corded model is better if you are going to cut and carve too frequently, as there will be no risk of power run out.

If you are in the hunt for a powerful option, a corded knife is a way to go. If you need portability and convenience, a cordless model is the best option.

Factor 3: Blades

You should choose the blades that are composed of high-quality stainless steel as well as are serrated. Steel blades are known for their strength and durability. Further, the blades should allow easier cutting. Usually, knives with blades of 7 to 9 inches long are preferred.

Blade size is a vital consideration. A majority of electric knives come with a blade that is 7 inches long, with the rest being shorter or longer than this size.

Some manufacturers measure the blade size from the tip to the end that secures into the handle. Such a way of measurement usually adds four inches more to the overall blade length. However, there is no real use of it. So, do check out for such tricks and stay away from it.

The blades that you choose should be easy to remove. Such blades are beneficial for several reasons. They not only make cleaning easier but also enable quick use of blades of different sizes. Several modes come with a quick-release button to remove, and change blades effortlessly.

There are models with two sets of blades, which are handier and more popular than those with a single blade. The set includes a longer and shorter blade, of which the former can cut and carve tough stuff, while the shorter one is ideal for bread and vegetables.

All you have to do is insert the blades as per the given instructions before turning the knife on. Such a set is ideal for handling arthritic hands or strength issues with arms.

Usually, the blades of an electric knife are versatile enough to squash tomatoes, cut onions, and sliced ginger. However, the better is their quality, the better is the performance and longer it will last. So, be sure to get the suitable blades as per your cutting tasks.

Factor 4: Wattage and Power

Usually, it is recommended to choose an electric model with a minimum of 100 watts of power. We need to ensuring enough power in the motor so that you can cut through even dense items easily. It is a fact that corded models possess more power due to constant feed from the outlet.

Factor 5: Handles

Only a comfortable handle can ensure safe handling to keep the risk of finger cutting away. So, you need to look for a handle that allows for easy maneuverability.

The handle should be closer to the control buttons and switch. This will help in easy switch off and on with the hand that is grabbing the handle. And yes, choose an ergonomic design for the handle to enjoy easier hold to reduce fatigue.

Factor 5: Cord Length

The length of the cord is a vital factor to consider. If it is short, it is certainly inconvenient to operate the tool. It makes your task more impeding rather than making it easier. Similarly, it is uncomfortable to deal with a very long cord.

A long cord can also trigger a safety risk for pets and kids who can run onto them when the knife is in use. It is essential to choose the right cord length to balance both convenience and safety.

Do consider the distance between the place and power outlet for computing the cord length. Usually, lengths such as 3, 4, and 5 feet are considered manageable.

Along with the right cord length, you would surely prefer having some really useful safety options, such as a swivel cord. A common mistake that cooks does while using a corded knife is catching the electrical cord while using it, which results in electrocution risk. This can be avoidable with a swivel cord and a cord length of at least 3 feet.

Factor 6: Battery Life

You should always check for battery capacity. For saving money, it is best to choose a knife that works on a rechargeable and not discharge-able batteries. It will also help you to avoid spending time on buying batteries repeatedly. Such models will be suitable for your camping trips as well.

Factor 7: Sturdiness

Just like any other kitchen tools and appliances, an electric knife has small functional parts that are repairable only by professionals. Hence you need to invest in a durable model. Hence the blades must be sturdy as well as resistant to corrosion. A high-quality model tends to last longer.

Durability also means you need to find a knife that comes with a longer warranty span so that the company takes responsibility for reversing any malfunction or damage. There is no guarantee that your knife will never get damaged. In reality, it can be damaged unpredictably. So, take a warranty of at least two years. In short, look for a model with at least this much warranty period.

Factor 8: Cutting Performance

Such a knife can cut cleanly, leaving behind only some sawdust traces. For this, the blade should be sharp, or else the cuts shall not come clean, and shreds will be seen.

Factor 9: Storage Case

Several electric knife experts and fans recommend having a storage case because you get a safe place to store the blades and electric components while not in use. So, going for a storage case is a wise idea to ensure the safest storage. It protects your electric knife from probable damage. An electric knife is not a daily used kitchen tool; hence, it is handy to have a storage case.

These days, you will find storage cases ranging from cheaper to higher-end, from simple to wood cases accommodating the knife and the cord. A well-built case even looks cool on the shelf or counter.

Factor 10: Variable Speed Control

Variable speed control is an extremely useful functionality. It is easy to set the right speed by moving the control up or down depends upon what you’re cutting.

Factor 11: Ease of Operation

Aside from durability, you should also be comfortable when using the electric knife. If the tool is easy to use, you can accurately cut the meat in your preferred spot.

Factor 12: Safety Features

The best model is the one that comes with safety features due to which kids feel it tough to use the knife even accidentally. Some of the most common safety features are a double trigger and a locking trigger. At times, a few models with double triggers are a bit hard to use, especially for small palms. Thus, it is best to cross-check the safety features you are getting with the knife that seems to be promising.

You will also prefer a knife that can keep the blades tightly together while in use. Otherwise, much damage is caused to the tool when the food gets stuck in between the quickly moving blades. Even a small gap is risky while slicing even fruits.

Factor 13: Stylish Design

This factor is not that essential if you need a knife just for utility purposes. However, it makes sense to have it if you are looking for a model for using it in parties or other special occasions wherein somebody else will be using it. For example, if you are into cooking business, this factor may be critical to consider in making a good impression.

Factor 14: Ease of Cleaning

It is wise to choose a knife with blades that are easily cleanable by hands. However, if you wash items in a dishwasher and prefer to use the same, ensure that the blades you choose are dishwasher-safe.


It is best to try an electric knife before investing in it. This helps you in assessing the knife as per your set budget and personal preference. Through testing, it becomes easy to see whether you can hold it comfortably. If you are selecting it online, thoroughly check the reviews of existing customers. This might take some time, but it’s worth it to get the best electric knife!

Although the electric knives are not believed to be a necessity, having one such model simply makes your kitchen work more efficient due to the least effort involved.

The factors mentioned above are all essential features to consider while looking for the best electric knife. We strongly recommended using them for reviewing a knife or comparing two popular electric knives. Further, we recommend going through the reviews of the most promising knives we featured.