Black & Decker EK700 Electric Knife Review

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Have you ever thought about your cutting or slicing capabilities? I have every time I decide organizing a dinner or a barbeque at my place, as I always end up putting delicious food on the table, but with not so much of an appealing design. The main reason why I always lacked the restaurant-look plating was due to poor kitchen accessories used for slicing, crusting, or cleaning the meat.

I was used to chef knives for a while but got even more disappointed when I decided to try some of the electric knives. The cheapest ones I used made a total mess in the kitchen but still did not manage to help me perfectly slice the meat and, thus, provide some delicious entrees for my friends of the family. I almost gave up before deciding to give the Black & Decker EK700 electric knife a shot. Here is what I loved about the product:

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Features of Black & Decker EK700

Black&decker Electric Bread & Multi-knife Ek700

The super sharpened blades

The most annoying thing at an electric knife would be for its blades not to function properly. The problem is solved with this new Black+Decker electric knife, as it features some sharpened 7-inch blades made out of durable and high-quality stainless steel. Unlike other electric knives I have encountered, this knife is dishwasher safe, so you do not have to worry about washing them separately or keep them in warm water and detergent for hours to clean away the grease and dirt.

Although the serrated part of the knife measures a little above 7 inches, there is still a 2-inch long tang before the plastic handle, enabling the knife to carve up to 9 inches. The blades on this little electric knife can be used for slicing, chopping or cutting even the roughest types of meat, up to the bone, so that you can always enjoy perfect chunks of turkey, beef, chicken or fish. Also, you can use this electric knife to cut bread, veggies, and even cheese, so you will always have good looking entrée plates when serving your guests.

Small dimensions

When it comes to powerful electric knives, most of them are quite chunky and difficult to use. Their handles are usually too big, or the entire machine is heavy. Thanks to the diminished dimension of the Black & Decker EK700 electric knife, you will quickly get the best possible grip and cut through the bone from the first try, even without having any previous experience with electric knives. The contoured and ergonomic grip is made out of a durable type of plastic, but small enough to fit even in the softest hands. The product also comes equipped with a safety lock that will prevent and reduce accidents in the kitchen.


  • Product Size – 12.4 x 2.8 x 3.2 inches
  • Product Weight – 1.6 pounds
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Safety lock
  • Dishwasher safe

Black & Decker EK700 Customer Reviews and Scores

The product mainly received positive reviews from plenty of customers, most of them praising its smaller dimensions and its power. The Black & Decker EK700 electric knife has a decent rating on Amazon. Some people have been using the same model for over 20 years, meaning they most certainly trust the product.

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If you want a durable, strong yet small electric knife, the Black & Decker EK700 is the perfect acquisition for your kitchen. It will help you cut through anything, including foam around the house, so you can consider it as a utility knife as well. Nevertheless, its sleek and ergonomic design makes it easy to handle even by those with small hands, without having to struggle. For many of you, this knife may be the best electric knife you will ever lay hands-on, especially at such a small price.