What’s the Best Spiral Knife in 2024?

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A spiral knife represents an interesting and appealing unit. It can be used for a few different purposes, but at the end of the day, it is in a category of its own. It is not the most efficient knife on the market, but on the same note, it makes a beautiful piece of decoration. Other than that, there are a series of myths and misconceptions regarding this knife.

Choosing the best spiral knife depends on several factors. Most importantly, you have to determine why you need such a knife. Other than that, some particularities make it unique.  A few general considerations that apply to pretty much any other knife out there – from materials and edge to handles and designs. So, what do you need to know about this knife?

What’s a spiral knife

Wild Turkey Handmade Damascus Steel Spiral Dagger with Leather Sheath - Damascus Steel Construction with Real Leather Sheath (Horn)Before going into small details, it is important to understand what the spiral knife is. This knife comes with a classic handle – various materials and shapes. Its blade is what makes the difference. Imagine a triple spiral with three different edges going round one behind the other. The tip is quite sharp and gets these edges to come together.

Based on this design, the knife is not the most efficient unit on the market. A classic chef’s knife or a basic pocket knife could be used for a series of other cutting applications. This one feels like it has been designed to kill. It cuts through flesh, but it is still not very efficient because taking it out could be difficult. Instead, if one wants to kill someone else, the spiral blade will reduce the necessity of switching the blade around once the knife is in.

Given its uses and lack of efficiency, the spiral knife is most commonly used as a decorative item. It looks appealing and interesting and it will most likely draw some interest. With these aspects in mind, choosing the best spiral knife is a matter of personal preferences, design, and durability. There are a few myths regarding the legal profile of this knife, but it is perfectly alright to have in most countries.

There is only one type of spiral knife. Sure, you might find a few variations. For instance, some knives come with two blades or perhaps four blades, yet the triple design is the most common one. Other than that, materials are often different, as well as the handles. But then, there are no specific classifications of this knife.

2024’s 5 Best Spiral Knives

M48 Cyclone UC3163 

What's the Best Spiral Knife in 2024? 1Fully functional – The M48 Cyclone spiral knife is probably the most popular option out there. It makes the best spiral knife based on popularity and reviews. It is like a trendsetter in this industry. There are more similar options out there, but this one dictates the tone. It comes from a reliable manufacturer and feels more functional than other units in this segment.

Super sharp blade – The M48 Cyclone comes with a cast 2Cr13 stainless steel blade that measures eight inches. It is rust and corrosion-resistant. It features three smaller blades going in a spiral and coming together in an extremely sharp tip. While not obtained yet, the brand is struggling to come up with a patent for this design. In other words, it is one of the pioneers in this industry.

Ergonomic handle – The handle measures 5.5 inches in length. Based on the blade and handle size, the unit is extremely well balanced and feels good in your hand. It is made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon. It is textured and comfy. It is black and relatively thin, but at the same time, it is less likely to slip out of your hands if they are wet or sweaty. 

Helpful extras – In terms of extras, M48’s spiral knife has been designed like a proper weapon. You get a solid stainless steel handguard as well as a stainless steel skull crusher pommel. The knife comes with its indestructible sheath – a custom Vortec TPR belt sheath. When it comes to its maintenance, clean it manually, rather than in a dishwasher.


  • Comes with lots of extras and features
  • Extremely sharp point
  • Features its custom sheath
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • A pioneer for spiral knives


  • Difficult to sharpen, yet it will retain its edge sharpness for ages
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M48 United Cutlery Cyclone UC3287

M48 United Cutlery Cyclone Boot Knife with Custom Vortec Sheath - Cast Stainless Steel Blade, Piercing Point, Reinforced Nylon Handle - Length 10 1/2"Excellent balance – The UC3287 model is another unit in the M48 Cyclone collection and a great knife to have in your portfolio. It features a unique appearance and a great balance. It is heavier than other units in this segment, but quality materials are never lightweight. Besides, its extra weight adds to its stability, so the knife is comfortable to hold and use.

Rust-resistant blade – All in all, the blade is the main element in its design. It is made of rust and corrosion-resistant cast 2Cr13 stainless steel. It measures 5.75 inches and comes with a triple edged triumph style. Just like you have probably guessed already, the three edges come together in a spiral and meet in a super sharp piercing point. The unit has been manufactured at temperatures of over 1,000 degrees F, hence the 48 HC hardness.

Secure handle – The handle is similar to most knives in the M48 Cyclone collection. This model comes with a fiberglass reinforced nylon handle. It ensures a secure grip. It is also textured, so it is less likely to slip out of your hands. It measures 4.75 inches in length – slightly shorter than the blade, but excellent for the overall balance.

Full package design – Other than that, a few extras make this knife a great hunting tool. You have a stainless steel handguard, as well as a skull crusher pommel. You also get a Vortex belt sheath that fits the knife like a glove. Make sure you wash it manually though.


  • Great looking design
  • Durable and high-quality materials used in its design
  • Comes with a few handy extras
  • Features its durable sheath
  • Great balance – feels easy to hold and maneuver


  • Other knives have a harder and more durable blade
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K Exclusive Spiral Dagger 

K EXCLUSIVE Grey Titanium Spiral Dagger with Sheath - Stainless Steel Construction, Quad-Edged Blade, Hidden Compartment - Length 16 1/2"Versatile uses – Often advertised to be a dagger, K Exclusive’s best spiral knife looks good and feels like it will last forever. It has an aggressive appearance and can be used in a series of different situations – with a bunch of limitations, of course. Its multiple edged design is the aspect that draws instant attention though, as it looks dangerous, but also different.

Massive blade – The size of this knife is quite impressive. Its blade measures 11.2 inches. It is made of stainless steel, which can resist rust and corrosion. It is coated in gray titanium. While other similar knives come with three edges, this one features four different edges and they are all sharpened for a killer experience. Edges spiral down to an incredibly sharp piercing point. Furthermore, they have some holes at the top.

Nonslip handle – The handle carries the same high-quality standards. It is made of stainless steel. It feels slippery, but the manufacturer has thought about everything else. Simply put, the handle is enriched with TPR rings. It provides a nonslip experience. It also has a hidden compartment in the pommel, where you can hide small things. The handle measures five inches in length. 

Sheath included – In terms of extras, the hidden compartment is certainly a plus. Other than that, you also get a tough TPU belt sheath. It is custom made, so it will feel like a glove. Just like the top of the blade, it also has steel lashing holes. When it comes to cleaning the knife, do it manually and never in a dishwasher.


  • Four different edges coming together in a spiral
  • Incredibly sharp piercing point
  • Comes with a hidden compartment in the pommel
  • Nonslip handle due to TPR rings
  • Comes with its custom made sheath


  • Titanium coating may fade after too many uses
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Microtech Jagdkommando

Microtech Jagdkommando
Source: knifecenter

Functional and decorative – This model is undoubtedly the best spiral knife on the market if you want a representative unit that will last for ages. It is named after the Austrian Armed Special Forces Operations group. It is one of the most recognized names in this segment and will most likely make the difference in your hunting adventures – just as helpful as a decorative item in your knife collection though.

Durable titanium blade – The titanium blade is the most impressive part of this knife. It is based on 6AL-4V titanium, which is likely to last for ages. It will also retain its sharpness over time. Three different edges are blending to a deadly piercing point. Other than that, the blade measures 7.12 inches in length.

Textured handle – The handle is just as attractive. It is made of the same type of titanium. While metallic handles are usually slippery if your hands are wet or sweaty, this one is different. It is fully textured, so it is less likely to get out of your hands. Overall, given the quality construction, the knife weighs about 17 ounces, so it is quite heavy, stable, and balanced.

Handy extras – A few extras come to enhance the best spiral knife from Microtech, such as the sheath. The sheath is made of hard-coated 6061-T6. It is practically indestructible. It is specifically designed for this knife, so it will match perfectly. It has a tubular design matching the machined grenade pattern on the handle. Also, it is a watertight seal and comes with a hidden compartment in the handle.


  • Whole knife made of durable titanium
  • Grenade pattern on both the handle and sheath
  • The sheath will match perfectly
  • Watertight seal design
  • Comes with a hidden compartment in the handle


  • Sharpening the triple edge blade will be a challenging task
  • Too expensive


VK Damascus Knife Dagger

Handmade Damascus Steel Tri Edge Dagger Knife Twisted Pattern 09 Inches VK2435Versatile appearance – The best spiral knife from VK Damascus Knife can be categorized as a dagger as well. The main difference between daggers and classic knives is in the handle. The dagger does not have one – while a bit riskier to use, it is quite stable and can easily go in the spiral knife category due to its uniquely designed blade.

High-quality design – The unit measures nine inches in length. It is handmade, so it aims to achieve a high level of craftsmanship. Given the Damascus design, it features a beautiful pattern throughout the entire unit. The pattern covers the handle as well. It is natural and will never fade with time, making this knife a great choice if you want an attractive piece in your collection.

Damascus blade – The blade is based on Damascus steel – 1095/4340. Both the blade and the handle have the same length – 4.5 inches. In other words, the dagger is well balanced. The full tang finish is inevitably part of the game, while the blade features three different edges twisting together in a sharp piercing point. 

Patterned handle – As for the handle, it is similar to the blade in construction and design. If you think a metallic construction is risky, the patterned design makes it less likely to slip out of your hands. Unlike most knives, daggers do not come with a handguard for protection, but this type of pattern will prevent unfortunate accidents.


  • Damascus steel design is extremely attractive
  • Well balanced due to the similar size for the handle and blade
  • Comes with a vegetable-tanned leather sheath for carrying and storage
  • Handmade construction
  • Durable design and great edge retention


  • Hard to achieve the level of sharpness you would get from a single edge knife
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the spiral knife illegal?

Generally speaking, the spiral knife is not illegal. There are, however, a few states or countries where it is banned. For example, there are a few restrictions in New Jersey or Massachusetts, yet they tend to affect more types of knives and not just the spiral knife. It is highly recommended to do your homework regarding the local knife laws before making a purchase.

Can you use a spiral knife in everyday activities?

There are not too many uses associated with this type of knife. It has a super-sharp piercing point and a few twisting edges, so it is more suitable for stabbing and hunting. There are better options out there. From this point of view, the spiral knife is mostly popular as a decorative item with occasional purposes.

Is the spiral knife sharp enough for everyday use?

The spiral knife can be quite sharp. Any of the above-mentioned knives will come with sharp edges. However, the edge sharpness cannot compare to a classic knife sharpened by the book. With all these, they are sharp enough to be used, despite the decorative purpose of this knife. However, the piercing point seems to be sharper than in other knives.

How does a spiral knife work?

The spiral knife is mostly designed as a piercing unit. The piercing point is extremely sharp and can penetrate the skin, hence its uses in hunting. The multiple edges will cut through the skin with enough pressure. They do not have to be razor-sharp for this kind of use. From this point of view, a spiral knife works like a dagger.

How can you sharpen a spiral knife?

There are a few ways to sharpen a spiral knife. Generally speaking, you can use a classic sharpening stone, as well as a file. You will have to take one edge at a time and do it carefully to avoid damaging the rest of the blade. However, given the design and uses, edges do not need to be super sharp. 

Is the spiral knife a type of dagger?

The spiral knife refers to the blade mostly. If the blade has at least two edges that spiral together in a sharp point, the unit is a spiral knife. However, a dagger has no handle. The type of blade is irrelevant. In other words, some spiral knives can be classified as daggers.


Choosing the best spiral knife depends on a few different considerations. Most importantly, your final goal should dictate the final decision. What do you want a spiral knife for? Is it for your hunting experiences? Do you want a beautiful item in your display or collection? There are a few good options out there, but the above-mentioned units dominate the market.