All About CS:GO Knives – Real Life Equivalents of CS:GO Knives

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a famous multiplayer shooter game wherein two teams combat against each other with the help of different weapons such as guns and knives. A knife in this first-person shooter game is among the most-watched weapons.

It is visually appealing as well as a dangerous weapon. Players usually use one such knife to accelerate the movement’s speed of your avatar and slay down the foes faster.

When it is the matter of the CS:GO skins that are ideal for customizing the look of your character as well as add some color to the game, the CS:GO knives are the ultimate status symbol. This is because no other skins as knives steadily cost significantly.

Regarded as the holy grail of the game skins, the CS:GO knives have high price tags due to which most of us do not buy it. These knives in the game cost thousands of dollars, which is several times more than the price of real knives.

It is crazy to endorse that the virtual knives are costlier than real knives. However, it is the modern trend that many of us want to afford. So, is it possible to buy these knives cheap? Are there different such knives? Read on to know more.

Overview of CS:GO Knives

Counter Strike

Why do you need to know about the virtual knives being used in the Counter-Strike games? Well, that is because you need to know their features, uses, and working to buy one such knife in reality!

In Counter-Strike games, a knife is permanently armed to the melee weapon category. Thus, it is a basic melee weapon, which a player cannot trade, buy, or drop on death without exclusive commands.

It has a very short range, a primary attack for low damage, and a secondary attack that instills relatively a greater damage. When slashed, it makes a little sound. Knife killings in CS:GO provide the highest amount of money as a reward for removing an opponent in both casual and competitive modes.

The primary attack is pretty faster but ends up with less damage. On the other hand, a secondary offense is slower than a primary one but end up with more damage in every attack.

Thus, just two attacks are a definite kill. Using the knife from the back with this type of attack kills the foe immediately regardless of the armor or hit points.

The primary attack’s range is a bit higher, providing you with a small benefit in combats if you wish to prevent the secondary attack’s hit. Nevertheless, just forget about it if you do not have pro knife skills. The large damage and tiny action radius make it compulsory for a player to be confident in using the knife.

Unlike other weapons, different multipliers tend to influence the damage that a CS:GO knife induces.  In CS and Condition Zero, the head hitbox and an exclusive backstab multiplier affect the damage.

On the contrary, in Source and Global Offensive, the backstab multiplier is only there to affect the extent of the damage. Usually, a secondary attack on the head, as in the previous games or on the back, will lead to a one-hit kill.

A CS:GO knife is automatically supplied to all players at the start of each session. It is the least useful tool, but a player can use it repeatedly as it needs no ammunition.

Another critical aspect of a CS:GO knife is its ability to facilitate the highest speed movement, surpassing all other tools and utilities equipped. Players can run quicker with the equipped knife than with any other basic weapon, except for the lighter submachine guns.

Thus, a CS:GO knife is often useful for rushing. It is likely to be a reliable weapon while running from bombsite where a planted one will explode or while outrunning the rival team for the ideal positions in the round’s starting.

In all games, a player can run with an active knife at the default speed, which is 250 hammer units per second. In the previous games, a few other tools and grenades facilitated the same movement speed while the Scout boosted the players’ speed.

However, these abilities were discarded in Global Offensive, making a CS:GO knife known for its top running speed. It is one of the ultimate humiliations to be put to death via a knife in Counter-Strike: Source.

Moreover, taking out a knife to kill at the time of a close-combat shootout is typically quicker than reloading your weapon. This depends on several factors. Nevertheless, on close distance, when both parties are hurt, it is likely to be a one-hit kill.

If with the Tactical Shield, a player is capable of causing only a small amount of damage as well as inducing a low rate of fire. It is impossible to kill instantly via a backstab.

Bots can also use knives when restrictions are levied on all arms or when it runs out of ammunition. It can use knives for rushing at the beginning of a round or while trying to abandon a bombsite before an explosion. Those on greater difficulty will first get a knife until they spot a foe.

CS:GO Knives and Its Real-World Equivalents

Yes, there are different types of CS:GO knives. Apart from the default, monotonous model, there exists a myriad of cosmetic knife skins. These cosmetic knives are available as alternatives to the base knife, although they have the same attributes as that of the latter.

You will come across 14 different CS:GO knives, each having over 15 to 20 decorative skins. These knives are as follows:

  • SZCO Supplies M-9 BayonetBayonet: Is always in trend, whether it is the Civil War or contemporary utility use. Designed for close-quarters fights, a bayonet has significantly progressed to be a popular item of collection for having a comprehensive lethal arsenal. Relatively unchanged in its style and design since the second world war, a bayonet still has an esteemed position in the modern military policy. They are typically used as fighting or utility knives with a muzzle ring or a lug for affixing the firearm’s barrel, such as a submachine gun. At present, bayonets are used for manual fights, as utility knives, and as wire cutters if there are serrated back edges. Modern versions are usually 6 to 9 inches long. They have a blade that is up to 1.5 inches wide. They are generally tempered to ensure your durability by preventing twisting and breaking. In the game, different attractive skins are available for bayonets, including Tiger Tooth, Doppler, Fade, Case Hardened, and Boreal Forest.
    • M9 Bayonet: Features a serrated blade and is designed for being mounted on a rifle. It is exclusively in use in real life for close-quarters combats. Officially termed as the M9 Phrobis III, it is a knife with multiple purposes. In the real world, it possesses a 7-inch blade and comes with a sheath for acting as a wire cutter.

Here is the list of a few Bayonet knives available online.

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  • VORNNEX Practice Butterfly Knife with Sure Spring Latch, Full Stainless Steel Black Dragon Dull Balisong Trainer, Unsharpened Butterfly Knife Comb for CS GO Training(Silver)Butterfly: Is a custom balisong or fan knife. Its typical characteristic is the fan-like opening for its blade that pivots freely, which facilitates swift deployment or concealment. This is the reason why the real-life balisong knife is banned in many nations. A lot of practice is required to prevent one’s own hands from cutting. However, the CS:GO avatars are masters of using any weapon. This folding weapon is composed of two long handles that tend to spin counterclockwise and meet to hide the blade. It is usually made in the Philippines. At present, it is widely in use for performing appealing tricks with swift hands even though it is yet a superb self-defense or utility tool. Previously, it was also used for shaving when there were no modern razors. As a cosmetic item, a butterfly knife has all the characteristics of the default knife, although the make and animations tend to differ. This knife features two draw animations that are randomly played. In one play, an avatar opens it, while in another, the character spins its blade before gripping it firmly. Also, around three inspect animations exist during which a player can perform different tricks.
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  • Cold Steel Espada LargeFalchion: It’s the modern respect to the conventional falchion sword. It features a clip-point blade with a curved edge and a curved handguard. The blade is shorter than the standard length. It is drawn by revealing the blade from the handle. It is accessible in the game by opening cases. This knife is among the most common knives. It possesses two inspection animations. The default one involves spinning the knife on the palm for inspection, and the second one involves balancing it vertically for some seconds in hand. The Falchion Knife is derived from the real-life Espada knife from Coldsteel.
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  • Benchmade - Bedlam 860, Plain Scimitar, Satin FinishFlip: Features a back-swept blade of Persian style and has an acute point. Although the point can be feeble, the overall design is contrastingly and interestingly durable. Accessible from a few weapons cases, this one is found by opening the Gamma cases. It is the default terrorist’s knife in the game and is derived from the folding knife, Benchmade 860 Bedlam. You cannot keep this knife folded because the blade is longer than the handle.
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  • Buck USA 394BO Omni Hunter Guthook 12Pt SANDVIK Steel Fixed Blade KnifeGut: Comes with the most remarkable feature known as the gut hook on its blade’s spine. Originally promoted as a utility tool for field dressing game, this weapon is also efficient in quickly cutting fibrous items such as meshes, ropes, and safety belts. Although sharing the characteristics with the default one, this knife appeals different with a wider handguard and a gut hook on the blade. The only way to get it in the game is by opening cases. It is hard to unbox it, as it is one of the rarest items in the play, just like many other CS:GO knives. It is still one of the most wanted weapons in the game. It’s based on the Buck Knives alpha hunter model.
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  • Huntsman: It features a dark grey, long, and thin blade with a prominent groove in its middle. It is designed exclusively for modern tactical uses. However, it is also suitable for a variety of combat and practical jobs. The distinct tanto point ensures your optimal penetration even if the targeted surface is the toughest one. Accessible by opening cases, it is easier to unbox it than a flip knife or a karambit. The Huntsman Knife is based on the real-life MTECH USA XTREME MX-8054 Knife
  • Fox 479 G10 Black Emerson Wave Folding KarambitKarambit: It’s one of the most desired and rarest weapons. Its look is different from the base knife in the game. The karambit has a curved blade to resemble a tiger’s claw and is defensive cutlery, although it was used for all daily chores. It has many uses apart from self-protection. As a self-defense weapon, it is potentially harmful. The knife, in the real world, is believed to be developed as a part of the martial arts of silat class in southeast Asia. It is usually used with a reverse grip in which the ring finger is on the index finger. The knife is held with the blade down from the fist’s bottom, typically curving forwards or sometimes backward.
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  • Schrade Push DaggerShadow Daggers: This is one-of-a-kind CS:GO knife that holds two knives. It is a pair of gimlet-type push daggers made from a single metal piece and held in each hand, making it a distinct feature. The handles are positioned in such a way that it delivers swift and effortless stabbing-punching action. Made for efficient brutality, a push dagger is easy to use, which is similar to giving a punch or two. Unlike other cosmetic knives, this one features an all-black finish. Some models are painted by coloring transparent paints fading over a chrome base layer. Due to poor animation having no flow or force, the shadow daggers are less popular. Push daggers from Schrade and  Gerber look pretty similar to the one in the game.
  • Aitor 16010 OSO NegroBowie: It’s double the size of the basic knife in the game and has an appearance analogous to the hunting knife. The only exception is the inclusion of a serrated edge extending from the handle to halfway the blade’s length. A Bowie is a big, fighting-style knife with a long, fixed blade having a double edge, full tang, and a clip point. It is typically in use for skinning game, cutting ropes, and splitting firewoods. It is exclusively designed for heavy use in ruthless survival situations. Since its initial incarnation, this knife has evolved to include many characteristic design features. However, commonly, the term refers to a big sheath knife with a clip point and a crossguard. In the game, it is tough to unbox this knife. The design of this knife is modeled after the real-life AITOR Oso Negro.
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  • Gerber Prodigy Survival Knife, Serrated Edge, Black [22-41121]Ursus: Is a tanto-style tool for survival. It features a faceted blade, impact pommel, and full tang. There are no moving parts to trigger any fuss but just an operational blade ready to do its job. It was introduced in the game along with Navaja, Stiletto, and Talon in 2018. While the performance is the same as the basic knife, it has distinct animations in the game. The Ursus knife is based on the real-life Gerber Prodigy Tanto Knife.
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  • Navaja-Style Thin Steel Spanish Knife (3" Long by 1/4Navaja: This is a recently introduced flip knife that hides a small but fiercely tapered blade. It boasts a minimalistic finish that has come from spray painting and tape mask pattern. The overall look is not that bright. Thus, the Navaja lacks the coolest inspect visual. However, it looks clean and small, which is what many knife lovers prefer over the visual appeal. Above all, it is one of the cheapest CS:GO weapons. The Navaja is a conventional folding blade in Spain where it is regarded as the utility and fighting knife. Considered as one of the ancient folding patterns yet in production, the original Navajas is found in Spain’s Andalusian region.
  • stiletto knifeStiletto: This is an Italian-style switchblade knife that was initially a focal point of regulation and strife. It typically has a spring-loaded blade that is immediately deployable by pushing a release catch. There is also a needle-like point at the blade’s end, which is included primarily for stabbing.
  • Talon: It is much like a karambit with an ivory handle. It comes with saw-tooth ridges and brass rivets; hence, the knife cuts while on the way inside and splits on the way out. This knife and a karambit have a common inspect animation.
  • Gold Knife: This is a knife with golden texture and is the final weapon in Arms Race mode. After killing with it, the round ends, and the next round will come up. It is the only knife that you cannot inspect in the game.

In short, there are many CS:GO knives that you can use in the game. You can even find them in cool skins on an e-commerce portal online.

The Cost of CS:GO Knives

CSGO knives are, by default, costly. Of all the available models, the most affordable ones are likely to be the Shadow Daggers, Falchion, Navaja, and the Gut due to their relatively low fame or recognition.

In terms of styles or finishes, Boreal, Forest, Forest DDPAT, Rust Coat, Urban Mask, Night Stripe, Scorched, and Safari Mesh are the cheapest ones per knife. The lowest price is within the two-digit range for these skins per knife. Beyond that, it gets expensive, with the middle-tier knives costing hundreds of dollars.

The Bayonets and Karambits are among the most expensive ones. Their prices are likely to be several thousand dollars per unit.

The Secret behind the Treasured CS GO Knives: Why Are They So Valuable?

There are justifiable reasons as to why the CS:GO knives are overly priced. The most obvious ones for the too-high value are their rarity and acquisition cost. All these knives are tagged as exceedingly rare and exclusive products.

Although the CSGO makers did not reveal any tangible or real numbers indicating the drop odds, these rare items are likely to have less than 1% of it. In the case of some items such as Case Hardened and Crimson Web skins, the expert traders look for specific characteristics such as blue hues amount or web pattern.

This reduces the probability of a genuinely rare item to be rarer. Thus, the price goes up. It is also vital to note that opening a case is going to cost you. This means that you will have to go through the cases worth hundreds of dollars to get a CS:GO knife. This instinctively lays a basis for the cost.

Another reason is the trend or fashion. Several CS:GO knives are stylish and stunning. Skin collections such as Fade and Doppler are among the best styles, and their price says it all.

Even skin quality affects the price. All CS:GO weapons and other items re available in different levels of outside quality. There are Factory New (FN) models, which do not have any kind of tangible imperfections and are looked upon as the most valuable quality. These knives will be pricey.

On the other hand, the Battle-Scarred (BS) models have a worn-out appearance due to which they are in the lowest price range. Checking the online Steam Marketplace will reveal that the most affordable knife skins are BS, Field-Tested (FT), or Well-Worn (WW).

A few weapons belong to the StatTrak™ category. This name is visible on them in their name. StatTrak™ is an integrated kill counter that reveals the number of kills made with the equipped weapon.

It is either similar to a digital counter or etched numbers on the blade’s surface. This novelty makes StatTrak™ knives costlier than their normal counterparts.

Places Where You Can Sell or Buy CS GO Knives

There are two options for buying new, real CS:GO knives that are otherwise used only virtually in the game. Let’s check them out!

  • The Steam Community Market: Is perhaps the safest way to purchase, although it’s certainly not the most cost-efficient way. The latter is due to the prices that the market charges, which are typically up to 20% higher than at any other website and eCommerce portals. There is also a transaction fee levied, which is an additional charge on the top of a high price.
  • Third-party Market: This is relatively a cost-effective way to look for good CS:GO knives with which you would be willing to participate. Just be alert and check your transaction twice before endorsing it, as these markets are on the target of several fraudsters. If you have any doubt, consider it wise to opt-out of it. It is much efficient than losing a hundred-dollar knife.

For those who want to sell their unwanted CS:GO knives, the same options are available. For sellers, the Steam Community market is more beneficial, as it offers the highest possible selling prices.

However, all the money that you earn gets stored in your SteamWallet account. This indicates that you cannot use it to pay out through any means.

On the other side, if you choose a third-party market, you sell your knives at lower prices. However, the earned cash is freely available outside the Steam system via several payout means. The only issue here is the significantly high number of scam trials.

One more drawback is the tedious listing when it comes to selling several skins. You may also have to wait for some time for anyone to accept your proposal.

Factors to Consider while Buying a real-life CS:GO Knife

Just as you buy any other knife, there are factors, too, to consider for buying an ideal CS:GO knife of your choice. So, let’s explore them.

  • Material: An unbelievable range of steel forms are in use to make the CS:GO knives. It is wise to study the pros and cons before identifying the best material for your knife. In general, for a knife that will not be used in water, high carbon steel and stainless steel are the ideal options. The stainless steel material is resistant to rust and corrosion up to an extent. On the other hand, high carbon is not that resistant to these abuses, as it easily oxidizes. The presence of carbon means to select from strength and less longevity. If you like a specific CS:GO knife, it is wise to go through the description to know the steel type and coating it can possess before investing it. A famous option is a black oxidized coating to boost resistance and minimize light reflection.
  • Aesthetics: The striking visual appeal is perhaps the first reason for many to go for CS:GO blades. The in-game industry has incredibly grown big with players who do not mind shelling out thousands of dollars for the trendiest and the most fashionable vanity products. This is likely to spill over to the real knife-making world unavoidably. Several companies now offer CS:GO styled knives to appease the increasing craze. The in-game purchases have made karambits pretty popular. While looking for CS:GO knives, chances are that they are looking for the best looks.
  • Traditional or More Modern Build: While selecting the most suitable knife, you need to decide whether you need a karambit, butterfly, or a more conventional CS:GO design. You should then look for patterns, cut shapes, paints, and colors. There are CS:GO style knives available in more traditional versions. These classic models give you an advantage when you want to cut remarkably thick items. Their handles are also well suited if a standard grip is a top priority for you.
  • Sheath: It is more convenient to buy a knife with its sheath made exclusively for it. The included sheath helps in determining how you can affix it to yourself. A few popular ways to carry these tools include on the belt, around your neck, and as a boot tool. It is superb concealment on the boot, a great way to access without any entanglement when on the belt, and an ideal way to quickly use when around the neck. Metal, leather, and fabric sheaths are famous at present.


CS:GO knives are customized weapons that have traditional to modern looks. They are costly due to their rare availability in the games and quality novelties, making them stand out in the crowd.