Paragon Knives : An Overview

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Nestled in North Carolina’s Asheville in the United States of America, Paragon is not the name of a knife but an esteemed company that manufactures knives. It is admired for its high-grade fixed as well as folding knives. The company is officially named the Paragon Cutlery.

The brand offers a variety of knives, meaning the Paragon knives range from Japanese steel boot daggers to Damascus bowie knives. It allows anyone to experience automatic knives, especially those coming from different work areas, such as law enforcement, military, and general usage.

This post is dedicated to sharing facts about this brand and its knives. It also aims to inform you which Paragon knives are popular.

The Historical Journey of Paragon Knives

Paragon takes pride in having a long history of designing top knives. In late 2006, the brand stopped producing its knives and other items and went out of business. However, they left behind a bequest of still popular designs.

Equipped with a full set of automatic knives and Seki-made blades that are fixed or folding, Paragon did not take much time in becoming a popular knife company. It was recently bought by Asheville Steel L.L.C. with the aim of completing the pending production. Later, it was again revived as the Phoenix.

Thus, currently, the Paragon Phoenix emerges over Asheville Steel and is dedicated to giving quality products made with the finest techniques and featuring the finest materials.

What You Can Get Now?

Despite the takeover, Paragon Knives by Asheville Steel continues to design and sell high-quality knives that are made in Japan’s Seki area. It still boasts a status among the die-hard knife fans as an ideal brand for both automatic and manual knives.

Asheville Steel is once more trying to uplift the Paragon collection of custom-made knives to restore its mainstream popularity. This is happening in coordination with Tommy Lee, Gil Hibben, Randall King, Blackie Collins, Eddie White, and Larry Harley.

Paragon Knives by Asheville Steel depends on the ritual of guiding its philosophy of using only the highest quality steel to design a perfect blade. It follows the admired tradition of delivering automatic blades too.

The distinct mix of traditional technology and modern technological progress in steel fabrication has facilitated the company to design some of the finest, most smartly designed blades on the globe. The company is, in fact, the pioneer of designing automatic blades across the NC region.

The brand is popular for its four types of automatic blades. These are Single, Side, OTF, and Double Action. They are matchless in terms of their notable durability, superior sharpness, and extraordinary performance.

The brand is also known for its few exceptional original knives. With an eye for novelty and quality, the brand has a tagline of ‘excellence by design.’ You can invest in any Paragon pocket knife and enjoy its ease of carrying as well as distinct design and build.

You get knives with fixed and folding blades. Both come with unique designs and sturdy construction made in the United States. Each of them is built using premium materials. You can expect them in different colors as well as the finish to suit all preferences.

While the custom of making knives dates to the early 18th century in Asheville, the Paragon designs defy the fact that the process of making knives employed by the company is based on the past.

You get unique designs that you have never seen before, which tends to make competition tough amongst the knife makers. Their knives come with a money-back guarantee, which indicates that you only need to think of what your next knife should be.

So, Are Paragon Knives Still in Production?

Yes, they are still in business for their truly distinct and good blades. They are still available in good quantities and they are still around.

The Paragon Cutlery company has stopped collaborations as well as knife imports. Even A.G. Russell, the famous American knife maker, took back the stock left at the manufacturing site in Seki. However, under the name of Asheville Steel, the Paragon knives are still available.

Popular Paragon Knives

Paragon Warlock Knife

paragon warlock gravity knife

Asheville Steel thought out of the box and took an innovative step of making the Paragon Warlock, a knife that has no match or substitute. To say that this knife is different is indeed an understatement.  This knife is a unique creation. This premium tool sits between an assisted opener and an automatic knife.

Although technically grouped as a Manual or a gravity knife, the first look at it would give you a feeling of it being an OTF. It is just not like any other knife you may have used before. It holds a great, well-engineered blade made in the USA with an appealing look. The blade is, indeed, as tough as nails.

The new radical build boasts a mechanism that exactly divides the handle to pull the blade. The big, textured button is pushable on both sides so that you can instantly open the handle to extend the blade.

The initial hint for positioning the blade is the jumbo, textured pivot/button. By simultaneously pushing both sides of the pivot, the handle parts out into halves at the seams to show the blade. Once the handle splits, all you must do is whip out the blade with the aid of gravity.

Due to the gravity and wrist flick, the blade surfaces and locks itself firmly in place once the button is released. Deploying the blade is followed by releasing the pivots so that the handle closes and locks the blade using the pins in the tang.

This is truly an interesting and new opening mechanism that also comes with a sturdy lockup. The opening mechanism is quite appealing although it is likely to be a bit awkward at first.

However, you can easily get used to it. The Warlock deviates from the conventional folding knife design with its revolutionary opening mechanism.

When unused, the blade is safely enclosed within, without any risk of it being accidentally extending itself while you keep it in your pocket. The knife remains totally safe within its handle sheath.

There is no need to bother about it drawing lint and grit, unlike the other folders. When sealed, the handle remains tight.

If you think this knife is a gimmick, it is time to rethink and revise your belief. This is because the tool is made using premium materials with a meticulous design. The over 4-inch blade is made using S30V steel that is razor-like sharp, resistant to corrosion and is durable.

Having a spear, piercing point, the blade features the dagger style and double-edge design with a fuller down the middle so that the weight of the blade is decreased.

This also contributes significantly to the overall artistic appeal of the all-black tool. However, the Warlock knife from Paragon is available in other blade colors namely, red and blue.

Composed of 6061-T6 aluminum, the handle holds the blade where there is the Asheville Steel logo. The handle also boasts deep grooves. An adjustable tip-up pocket clip ensures that it is easy for you to carry the knife.

You will truly not fail to envy your friends with this most unique knife available in the market today.

Asheville Steel Paragon Phoenix

Paragon Pheonix

This is another knife by Paragon manufactured in the brand name of Phoenix. It features an extremely durable, black cerakote coating on the blade with a serrated edge section and a handle with a laser engraving of a death skull.

The Paragon Phoenix can be looked upon as a spear point model of the popular Warlock knife. It comes with the same creative opening mechanism due to which you can enjoy instant one-handed deployment as well as effortless closing.

The tough and light aluminum material makes up the handle that features a tapered pommel residing conveniently in your hand. The blade of S30V steel is tough and has a flat grind to ensure accurate cutting performance. A pocket clip of stainless steel with a black finish adds a classic touch to the advanced design.

Warranty Period for Paragon Knives

You get a limited lifetime warranty. A Paragon knife is affirmed to be free of defects in terms of craftsmanship as well as material. The company is liable to repair or replace the existing defective knife with a new one although with mutual consent.

There might be a few products that are irreparable. The identity of these products depends on the restricted availability or accessibility of its components. In this case, the company shall provide a currently manufactured item that is like the product sent for repair.

It is vital to note that the company does not cover all defects and repairs under its warranty offer. These are those that are the result of normal wear or misuse. If you use its knives as chisels, hammers, screwdrivers, or pry bars, the resulting defects do not come under warranty.


The acquisition of automatic knives is subject to the local, state, and national laws and regulations. Thus, you need to know whether the existing laws allow you to own, use, and carry folding or fixed pocket knives.


With some of the finest offerings from North Carolina along with those from the Seki knife makers in Japan, Paragon Knives by Asheville Steel is known for its innovative knives. The blend of original knives with non-conventional designs such as the Warlock has made this company a one-stop destination for investing in distinct automatic knives.