Best OTF Knife of 2019: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

OTF knives are truly remarkable type of blade that is rare, unique and perform like no other. However, all of this means that they are a bit difficult to acquire, especially if you want top-notch quality and performance. Luckily for you, we will help you find the best OTF knife and we will provide buyer’s guide you can consult at any given moment.

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What are OTF knives and are they legal ?

OTF stands for out the front and it refers to the mechanism a knife uses to deploy the blade. In simpler terms, OTF knife is a type of switchblade where the blade itself comes out from the front. A major difference compared to standard switchblades, which comes out to the side.

The best OTF knife should be an extremely strong and versatile tool that can be used for self-defense, hunting, cutting and anything else you can think of. Thanks to the blade deployment the knife will be small, lightweight and powerful.

Now you know that OTF knives are a type of a switchblade and you can deduce that the same rules and regulations apply to them. This means that OTF knives are usually legal across the world and they are not considered as a weapon. They are a type of pocket knife.

In the United States, only 9 states consider these knives as illegal. In other states, they are completely legal and can be used and carried freely. So yes, you can carry your OTF knife and use it when needed.

2019’s 5 Best OTF Knives

Double Action Out The Front Safety Knife Black – Affordable option


Double Action Out The Front Safety Knife Black

Double Action Out The Front Safety Knife Black is the best OTF knife and we hope you will have the same conclusion. The knife is well-made, it is strong (the blade and the handle) and it is an advanced model. You will like using it for anything you have in mind.

Dual action mechanism

Probably the biggest advantage is the deployment mechanism. It is a dual action meaning you can deploy and retract the blade by pressing/pulling the lever. This makes usage easier than ever before and also adds a huge safety benefit.

We should add that the a mechanism is a heavy-duty unit and it has been properly tested on each unit before delivery. We tested our model countless times and there were no complications or issues.

Glass breaker

Yes, you get a glass breaker as well. A difference compared to similar knives is the size of glass breaker. It is massive and it is capable of breaking a car window within a second. This is a small yet very needed and useful feature we all liked.

Sturdy design

Another, very important benefit of the knife is the design itself. It makes the knife strong and it feels solid when used. This especially refers to the mechanism which doesn’t make any sounds while carrying the knife. Also, the handle feels stronger than usual.


  • Dual action mechanism
  • Glass breaker
  • Pocket clip
  • Strong construction


  • One version available
  • Poor packaging


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MTN OTF Double Action Safety Knife

MTN OTF Double Action Safety Knife (Red & Black Tanto Blade)

Now we want to present you the best-looking knife on the market. It is made to last and it is made to impress all of you. Honestly, the knife looks much better in person than on a picture. As we have just mentioned, it is beautiful and useful.

440c steel

The blade is made from 440c steel which is stronger than usual. This made it possible for it to stay thinner and decrease the overall weight (3.35 ounces) but to be extremely strong and useful. The blade is super-sharp so we would recommend it for the advanced users only.

Dual action

The mechanism is dual action and we believe you know what this means. Add this feature to the overall design and you have outstanding OTF knife that can be used anywhere for any purpose you have in mind. And yes, the mechanism is reliable and considered as one of the best on the market.

Aluminum handle

The handle itself is a masterpiece. It is made from a special type of aluminum which feels different than any other. It offers a decent level of grip and it is super-strong. Precisely this is the reason why we can add that the knife is made for heavy-duty operations.

The handle incorporates a lever used to activate the mechanism. It feels very nice and it is comfortable, although the level of grip is significantly lower. We would like to see rubber or silicone pads on it in the future.


  • Design
  • 2 versions available
  • Dual action mechanism
  • Small and compact


  • Price
  • Low grip handle


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Venom 2TR Assisted Combat Out the Front Knife

Venom 2TR Assisted Combat Knife (Double Edge)

The knifed we tested is stunning, made to meet the highest expectations and it is more useful than you may believe. The main difference is in the fact this unit is made for combats and for professional usages. Now you will see why.

Rapid Assisted Deployment

The mechanism may look standard, but it is far from that. It is faster and smoother than most other models have and specifically optimized for advanced usages. You will understand why the first time you use the knife. It feels special.

There is no need to add that a mechanism is a heavy-duty unit which can withstand rain, sand, mud or anything else and it will stay 100% functional. Only the best components are used.

Double edge

Another reason why we believe this is a high-end knife is the blade. Obviously, it is made from strong steel and it will maintain its sharpness perfectly, but it is also double-edged.

Thanks to this type of blade, the knife is more capable and more useful. It is more dangerous for possible attackers. The maintenance is slightly above average.

Tested before delivery

Each knife is made in the United States and it is properly tested before delivery. We loved this small addition and we know that it is a game changer for some users. After all, you will be creating that the knife you ordered is functional to the smallest point.


  • Double edge
  • Rapid Assisted Deployment
  • Each unit is tested
  • Advanced features


  • Expensive
  • Attention to detail


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Smith & Wesson by BTI Tools 1084315 Flat Dark Earth Spear

Smith & Wesson by BTI Tools 1084315 Flat Dark Earth Spear

Smith & Wesson by BTI Tools 1084315 Flat Dark Earth Spear is probably the best OTF knife if you want to own something unique. The biggest difference compared to other models is the deployment mechanism, and it will be explained below.

Hybrid deployment mechanism

These mechanisms are extremely rare and chances are low that you will find another model with the same technology. The difference is in the retractable operating method. You deploy the blade normally, but when you want to retract it, you will pull a piece of nylon.

The knife itself is very useful and a desirable variation. It is better than the single action mechanisms, but not so good as dual action ones. That’s why it is called a hybrid mechanism.

AUS-8 stainless steel

AUS-8 stainless steel is a common material for most knives. It is very strong, rust resistant and it can be used for all kinds of applications. The steel is reasonably lightweight, which makes it ideal for switchblades. Some of the most expensive units are made from this steel.

Spear blade

The baled has a spear point and you know that we prefer this design. It makes the blade deadlier and more appealing to use. At the same time, it makes usage effortless, which isn’t the case with dull blade points. The point is extremely sharp.


  • Quality
  • AUS-8 stainless steel
  • Spear blade
  • Affordable


  • Deployment mechanism may be an issue for some
  • Handle feels cheap
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Schrade Viper 3, OTF, Black Handle, Black Blade, Plain

Schrade Viper 3, OTF, Black Handle, Black Blade, Plain

Schrade Viper 3, OTF is a worthy alternative to all aforementioned models. We liked the sleek design and a nice blade. The knife feels solid and strong, but it is also very light. The mechanism is above average and the price is very affordable.

Safety lock

You will want to hear about the safety mechanism. It is mounted on the back of the knife and it is very easy to use. The mechanism is reliable, as it should be and can be activated with a single hand, although you will need some time to get used to it.

Black design

There is no need to explain this but stunning. The design of the knife is great. Both the blade and the handle are black and the knife feels and looks like a weapon, despite the fact it is a small switchblade.

We hope to see this model in different colors in the near future. It will make it more versatile and probably add importance to it. At the moment only the black version is available and it may be the best choice for most of you.

Advanced sharpness

The blade is slightly different than the others we tested. It is perfectly sharp and it will cut through anything. It is also made from durable steel and immune to rust and corrosion. Be careful while using the knife and always read the manual before you start.

Maintenance is kept to the minimum, standard for all stainless steel blades.


  • Sharpness
  • Safety mechanism
  • Value for money
  • Ideal size


  • Single action mechanism
  • One color only
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How to Choose the Best OTF Knife for You

One of the best otf knife from Microtech

Source:Dave Merrill

All of us want the best OTF knife simply because it will be easy to use, practical and strong utility. To find and purchase the best unit, we need to consider many things. Let’s call those things factors to parameters and now we can start listing them.

Material of the blade

Blade is the most important part of any knife and OTF models are no different. If the blade is poor in quality, it is irrelevant which type of handle, additional features or the price that unit has. This basically refers to all knives.

The materials to look for are stainless steel or carbon steel. Any other mixture of metals is weaker and won’t provide excellent performances. This means that the blade will chip, break and become dull within minutes.

Stainless steel is a cost-effective option. It is easy to get a unit with this metal, it can be very durable and it will look nice. The maintenance is simple as well. Carbon steel, on the other hand, is more expensive, stronger and requires more maintenance. Be free to choose the type of metal you are comfortable with.

Deployment mechanism

Here we have two main types. First of all, the deployment mechanism refers to the system that will deploy the blade from a resting position. It is controlled by a button or lever and it will activate the blade when pressed.

You can choose between single action and double or dual action mechanisms. A single action type will be able to deploy the blade only. You need to use manual force to place it back in the handle. A dual action mechanism will deploy the blade and also retract it in the handle.

We prefer dual action units. They are a bit more expensive but more useful, easier to use and safer as well. You risk cuts while retracting the blade manually!


For ordinary knives, the handle can be made from all sorts of materials. After all, it needs to be strong and lightweight. This is partially true with the OTF knives. Yes, a handle should be both of the just mentioned things, but there is a catch.

A handle will be under a lot of stress when using the knife. There are springs inside it and there are a lot of vibrations. If the weak handle is present on the knife, it will get weaker in the future.

Weak handles can affect the deployment mechanism and can prevent it from operating. They can also break and be unable to protect the user from the blade.

The best handle is made from aluminum. This is a strong metal that is very resistant to vibrations while maintaining the low weight of the knife.

Safety mechanism

A safety mechanism is completely different than the deployment mechanism we mentioned earlier. In general, it is used as an addition to preventing the blade from accidental deployment and it definitely deserves your full attention.

If you accidentally open the blade, you can injure yourself due to strong springs present in the action mechanism. A safety mechanism will prevent that and it is a mandatory feature for all beginners.

Glass breaker

You can find a model with or without this feature. We prefer a model with it because it comes without any drawbacks, yet the glass breaker is there when you need it. You can remove it if you want but there is no need for that.

A good thing is a fact most knives of this kind include glass breakers. We can add that they are almost standard with the knives of this caliber.

Tip of the blade

For most of you tip of a blade is irrelevant when looking for a new knife. After all, it isn’t something that will significantly change the functionality of a knife. The case with OTF knives is completely opposite and here’s why.

The knife with OTF design will be used to stab an object or anything you want to cut while the action mechanism is deployed. If the tip of the blade is dull, it will fail to inflict the damage. That’s why we recommend you models with spear tip design. They are simply the most effective.


This is a rare accessory you won’t get with most of the knives available on the market. The reasons for that are obvious. The blade is located inside the handle so it isn’t exposed. As such, you don’t need a sheath in most cases.

If you still want a sheath, keep in mind that it needs to be suitable for an Out the front knife with a closed blade. This is the natural position of the knife and it should be carried only in this form.

Pocket clip

It is another, small feature we like and probably you will as well. A pocket clip is essential especially if you know that a sheath isn’t included in the package. It will help you transport the knife and it will be within you at all times.

It is a nice addition to having an adjustable pocket clip. This refers to the ability to move it to another side and to adapt it to your needs.



Double Action Out The Front Safety Knife Black gets 4.7 out of 5 stars and is the affordable best OTF knife for our needs. We were impressed with the quality, the mechanism (double action) and the attention to details such as pocket clip and glass breaker. We believe most of you will be perfectly happy with this choice and will use the knife for decades.

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