Tanjiro Sword: All You Need to Know

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The Sword of Tanjiro from demon slayer is undoubtedly an exciting addition to the collection of anime katanas. It is admired for its distant properties that help destroy the series’ night demons. In this post, let’s find out more about the Tanjiro sword and its replicas available for you to purchase.

Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro Sword

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is a popular manga series and anime television series. It is set in a realm where the Demon Slayer Corps organization is set to protect the country from the night demons. Each demon slayer has a special sword forged using a distinct ore known for its incessant ability to absorb sunlight, the biggest weakness of any night demon.

Tanjiro Kamado is a primary protagonist and a demon slayer from Demon Slaying Corps. He uses this special sword called the Nichirin Blade to slay down the demon. Now, he is not a sword user but a simple coal seller during the Taisho era.

However, his peaceful life gets an unwanted twist when a demon attacks and kills his family members, except for his little sister Nezuko who becomes a demon. To avenge the demon and save his sister, Tanjiro gets on a dangerous journey with his sword.

Nichirin blades including the Zenitsu sword take a different color when their owners first pull them, due to which they are also known as color-changing swords. However, the holder needs to have some skill for the blade to change the color when pulled. When Tanjiro takes it out, it turns black. So, on his journey, he uses a black-colored sword, but its symbolism is unknown. This is because a sword blade in black is rare.

Tanjiro Black Sword

A sword or a Nichirin blade made with the aim of slaying demons is forged using a distinct ore known to absorb sunlight continuously. Using it to cut the neck bone is one of the two effective ways of killing a demon.

Forging is done using scarlet, crimson ore, and scarlet crimson iron sand. These are obtained from high mountains, such as the Sunlight Mountain, eternally covered in sunlight on Mt. Yoko. A Demon Slayer hero selects an ore after going through the Final Selection successfully.

Each Nichirin blade features a tsuba or handguard defending the holders from cutting themselves. You can find it at the point of intersection of the blade and the handle. Some Demon Slayer heroes have made their swords jagged-edged, covered the hilt with bandages, and discarded the handguard.

The Tanjiro black sword has a handguard in the form of a black ring linked through lines to its core. It is similar to a wagon wheel in looks.

Each color of the Nichirin blade is believed to reveal a few properties. Those of black Nichirin is unclear, making them a bad omen for the holder who will then not go far. Well, a couple of theories tend to guess the black blade’s meaning.

One of them indicates that the Tanjiro sword turned black to represent charcoal, which links to the protagonist’s former job of selling charcoal. Another one denotes that black blade users have the style of Breath of the Sun. The color black is known to be a combination of all colors, just like the five key breathing styles that come from the style Breath of the Sun.

Real-life Tanjiro Sword Replicas

If you are a great fan of this sword, you can buy one or more of these as cosplay props or for having a valuable collection. Following are two great replicas to consider for cosplay:


Yongli Sword Kamado Tanjirou Replica Sword

Yongli Sword Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Japanese Anime Kamado Tanjirou Kochou Shinobu Cosplay Replica Sword Game Carbon Steel (Kamado Tanjirou)

This Demon Slayer sword replica from Yongli is just three years old, but it has managed to gain good reviews. Even this one, like the above replica, is designed for cosplay, decoration, and collection purposes. It is also made using carbon steel, which gives you the look of the original Tanjiro sword.

However, unlike the aforementioned replica, this one seems to be sharp. So, it can be assumed that it must have been treated using heat. Its sharpness is likely to make it unfit for use by kids.

The handle is likely to catch your attention with its red spots under the cover of strong artificial leather material. The wooden scabbard simply adds to its durability. This life-size replica is available in three variations, namely, cosplay and two handmade versions. It is believed that the cosplay version is better than the handmade ones.


  • Nice weight
  • High quality
  • Durable


  • Not sharp out of the box
  • Fragile sheath
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Tanjirou Demon Slayer Anime Sword

Handmade Katana Anime Demon Slayer Shinazugawa Sanemi Sword Carbon Steel Real Samurai Sword

This handmade Demon Slayer sword replica from Bowen is a recently released Nichirin blade meant for decoration, collection, and cosplay. Its body is constructed using carbon steel, due to which you get to see the texture of the actual sword seen in the series.

However, unlike real swords, this sword does not have a sharp blade, as it is not treated using heat. This means this sword is suitable for kids to use.

Coming to the handle, it is draped in artificial leather upon a red layer that is crafted as per the original sword color. This outer covering does not fade or wear despite being used in different conditions. The scabbard is made of hardwood. These features indicate how durable this replica is!

Overall, the production and packaging both look sophisticated. Skillfully handcrafted with intricacy and accuracy, this life-size replica is likely to attract any Demon Slayer fan or passionate collector.


  • Amazing weight
  • Kid-friendly
  • Durable
  • The free belt for easy carry
  • Free replacement


  • Not sharp
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If you do not wish to buy but make one on your own, consider going through this video to get started.