What are the Best Knives with Finger Holes in 2024?

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You might not think of knives with finger holes as being particularly innovative, but they are! The idea seems simple enough: a blade is attached to the end of a handle that has an opening for your fingers. But when you look at their origins, it becomes clear they’re anything but ordinary.

The karambit began in Indonesia centuries ago and was designed by people who took inspiration from the tiger’s claw. This colorful history has added to its attraction today, but there are other practical benefits too. Karambit knives can improve your grip and many are easier to deploy than conventional ones—and they just look cool, too!. Knifemakers have modernized the design over time while still retaining some features of the ancient karambit. Their popularity continues to grow, as their unique design appeals to knife lovers from around the world.

These days you can find knives with finger holes other than the Karambit.

Why are Knives with Finger Holes Popular?

Ccanku C1151 EDC Karambit Knife - knives with finger holes

The popularity of knives with finger holes is understandable when one considers the importance of a knife’s grip. The control over the knife that comes from a good grip can make a big difference in whether or not you injure yourself. A textured handle may allow you to have a better balance and grip on your blade, but having holes for your fingers to slip through can work even better at improving your control. Some people also feel that they can withdraw a knife with a finger hole faster from its sheath.

Adding a hole to the handle of a knife can make it more aesthetically pleasing. It often appears sleeker and more modern than other designs. Many knife buyers choose a blade based on its appearance, and holes in handles can make a positive difference.

Best Knives with Finger Holes in 2024

CRKT Provoke

Designer Joe Caswell has made a knife that is ready for whatever situation arises. The CRKT Provoke is designed with a black oxide-finished hawkbill-style blade and is forged of premium D2 steel. It has an opening mechanism that sets the chain reaction in motion, causing the blade to lunge to action while you’ve got a firm grasp on the handle.  You can take this knife anywhere because it will always come out ready for action!

The Provoke is a Kinematic design, which means it has hidden internal components that become visible only when the knife is activated. This knife is a perfect option for a wide range of tasks. It is very easy to use and maintain, making it a great choice for beginners. The blade is sharp and durable, which means you can count on it when you need it most. It also has an ergonomic handle so cutting tasks feel natural and comfortable.

The blade is 2.41” long with an edge that goes from plain to chisel grind. The thickness of the blade is 0.209” and it weighs 6.1oz/172g in total, which allows you to work for extended periods without feeling fatigued or overwhelmed by the weight in your hands. The knife closes neatly at 4.96”, making it easy to store or carry around. The 6061 T6 Aluminum handle has a black anodized finish, which is very practical because it resists corrosion and looks nice.

The knife comes equipped with a pocket clip for your convenience. It allows you to attach the knife to the outside of your pants or belt so that it can be easily accessible.

Tops Knives Cockpit Commander

The Cockpit Commander fixed blade is equipped with a black-coated 1095 blade and micarta handle. The knife is designed with a sheath great for carrying on the inside of your boot.

It’s 6.75″ overall and features a 3.75″ drop point blade with a black traction coating. The thickness of the full tang fixed blade is about 0.19 inches. The blade material is 1095, which makes it very strong and durable. The hardness of the blade is fifty-eight on the Rockwell scale.

The style of the blade is a clip point, which means that increases effectiveness and sharpness while decreasing weight and length. The finish on the blade is black and so will not rust easily or quickly. The edge type of this knife is plain. This knife can be stored in a sheath made of Kydex, which has a clip on the side that is great for carrying it or hanging it up.

Fox 599

The Fox 599 Karambit is built for hard use in the world’s most hostile environments and has been field-tested by some truly elite people who rely on their knives for their lives. The compact build and tighter safety ring lend itself to bare-handed use or use by those seeking a more easily controlled blade. This wicked little blade is durable, reliable, and of high quality.

I am a big fan of the Emerson Wave feature that is available with this knife. The patented Emerson Wave allows you to draw the knife from your pocket and open it in a ready-to-use position. It also has a reversible clip that can be set for a right or left-hand draw.

The Fox 599 features blade made out of N690Co stainless steel with a hardness of HRC 58-60. The blade coating is black Idroglider which makes the blade more resistant to scratches and corrosion. The handle is G10 black with a clip made of stainless steel 420J2B and a back ring made of T6-6082 aircraft aluminum. It is 6.5 cm long and weighs 100 grams, 3.53 ounces.

Due to the specifications and design of the Fox 599 karambit, it is best suited for people with hand sizes measuring 3.5″ or less across the back of the knuckles. If you plan on utilizing your karambit while wearing gloves or, your hands are larger than 3.5″ across the back of the knuckles go for Fox 479.

Cold Steel Double Agent II

Cold Steel double agent 2 neck knife offers many advantages. With a karambit or clip point blade style, they’re thin, flat, and lightweight (less than 3 ounces including sheath). The knife is easy to conceal and very comfortable to wear.

One of the most audacious features of their design is the double ring handle. Slip your index finger through the front ring nearest the blade and your pinky finger through the rear ring and close your fist to get a forward grip and vice versa for a reverse grip. Regardless of how hard you cut, chop, hack, or thrust with this double agent, their twin rings will always prevent your hand from sliding forward on this sharp edge and will likewise resist the effects of centripetal force or an opponent’s efforts to wrest the double agent from your grasp.

The Knife comes with a Secure-Ex Neck Sheath and features a blade length of 3″ and an overall length of 7 7/8″ with a weight of 2.40 oz. The blade is made of Japanese AUS 8A. The 4 7/8″ handle has a Grivory grip for secure handling.

Gerber Remix Clip Folder – Non-Karambit Knife with Finger Hole

The Gerber Remix Clip folder is a 2.90″ long blade that is 7.35″ in length and has a 4.45″ closed length and a width of 0.55″. It weighs 4.20 oz and can be used as your EDC knife. It has a one-handed opening design with a large finger hole to use for extra stability and grip. Titanium-coated aluminum handles keep it lightweight and strong.

7Cr17MoV steel is a great blade material for its price because of its hardness, corrosion resistance, and edge retention. This knife has dual thumb studs for a quick one-handed opening. The lock on this knife is fast and easy to actuate with either hand. Slide the lockout with one hand and you’re ready to go. The design of the handle includes an enlarged finger hole that makes it easy to get a solid grip on even when your hands are wet or greasy.